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Thank you for the file - I was a bit confused at first, but then I noticed under "Chapter Select" there was a new option for "SD-01 Unlocked" - which put me right at the start of the bridge.

Yes, I thought it would be an optional side area since i was able to figure out how to unlock the elevator before exploring more than 1/3 of the bridge. When I went down the elevator and saw the area, before i stepped out I realized "this looks like Story content" and tried to go back. When the elevator was marked as unusable, i thought i could reload my manual save made before going down the elevator. Didn't realize it auto-saved when i took the elevator. 

I had managed to find a video of the ending, as I wasn't sure If I would get a reply - but very much appreciate your assistance.

It was much better to be able to finish what I had started for myself, and both my wife cried at the ending for a 2nd time. :)

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Towards the end of the game, when going to the StarDrop Bridge. There is an elevator near the entrance leading to another area, with maybe more Cyro Stasis chambers? 

I did not expect this to be a main story area, and hadn't finished exploring the bridge yet; but found i could not go back up the elevator to the Bridge. So I closed the game to restore back to my manual Save point on the bridge before taking the elevator. 

Apparently the elevator auto-saves, and it tries to reload game into an area outside the map of "Delta Labs 2" ...... but the character falls through the world into space immediately on loading the game. If I look up, i can see the level map above me as I'm falling into the void....

Is occurring on version 1.1 ; but from reading the Steam forums, it seems this issue was reported there as well....