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Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it! The ghost is a curse, so even if you win you still die. I'm glad you finished it though, I wanted to make the game hard lol.

Check it now

Thank you for playing! Hope it was spooky enough for you!

Thank you for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you for playing and love the commentary! I'll update the description to make it a bit easier.

Sorry about that, I was deleting the previous version and accidentally locked the whole folder.  It should be unlocked now

Thank you so much for the rating! It'd be my dream to watch her or any of the girls to play this game. I never planned on updating, but I probably might to fix a couple bugs. I'll keep the quality in mind.

That commentary was pretty funny and those were some classic animes you mentioned. Unfortunante that you got stuck on that branch though :/

That was a pretty good playthrough! Outmaneuvering her in the building was pretty wild. They do spawn in different locations but cluster around the same area. 1 or 2 is usually in the woods but most are around buildings, cars, path, and objects that stick out. You can check around the shrine too because 1 is usually there. She can't enter closed room either so you can wait her out in buildings if you close the door. Headphones help too with the direction she's coming from and direction of the dolls.  Hope this helps!

Oh and the videos at the end have nothing to do with the game, they're like a credits screen and play in a loop.

Glad you enjoyed it!

Hi, thanks for playing and thanks for the video!

I added the controls on the download page, but I guess thats a little hard to see so I'll update the description. I just uploaded a newer more polished version if you want to try the game again.