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Submitted by weckar — 1 day, 2 hours before the deadline
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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Theme Interpretation#74.0004.000
Magical Girl Concept#74.2504.250
Graphics, Audio, and Polish#203.5833.583

Ranked from 12 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

How does your game fit the Magical Girl Genre?
She flies, runs at approximately 50mph, throws energy from her hands...

Which theme(s) do you pick?
Superposition, Length Contraction, Conservation of Energy

How does your game fit the theme(s)?
There are portals in the game that exist in multiple places at once. Managing your energy is a core strategic aspect of the game (both in action and in choosing upgrades)

Are all your graphics assets made by yourself during the duration of the jam?


after the themes were revealed but before the start of the jam submission period

Are all your audio assets made by yourself during the duration of the jam?


some of them were purchased; but most are stuffs made during the jam

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Have to pause around 40% of the way through because it's a bit long, but impressive work! My major criticism that hurts the whole experience for me is that the way the camera lurches all over gives me motion sickness. I realize that it's probably a consequence of the way flying and aiming works, but I don't think the camera should be allowed to be shifted by the walking controls; you already have tank controls, so I think it's fine to cede control of the camera to the player. Other than that though, you really nailed the game feel! I really enjoyed the speed and feeling of flying around. Between the game feel and the narrative which I was decently invested in, you held my attention for a long while even though the mission structures and  combat were rather repetitive. I think the combat could be truly brought to a next level if there was a way to strafe and fire at the same time, as it felt quite awkward to have to stop dead in my tracks and start trading shots with the enemy. Kudos to the frankly impressive amount of work done on this project! I hope you keep working on it, because there's a very solid core here.

There are some amazing effects ( clouds, dark cloud blobs, magic etc) . The game is a bit repetitive, but enough to keep me going. The city is a bit bland, but nice in scale. Flying is great, but overall the controls kept this from singing, it would go a long way with just fixing the controls. The hospital part almost made me quit, cause it was killing my machine and didnt realize that I didnt have to kill all the enemies until I just picked up the stuff. 

Anyway grand scale, but could have used more polish instead of so much game.


This is a hugely ambitious game-jam game, and I'm super impressive with how much you've pulled off!

The environment is cool, huge, and runs well on my fairly low-spec gaming PC.  I love the comicbook feel to the visuals, it ties it all together nicely, and even helps blend in the low-poly cars and citizens. I saw a few oddities here and there, my favorite being cars shoving pedestrians down the street. Still, nothing that damaged the overall visual experience, and again, really impressive for a jam game!

The powers (particularly flight and super-speed) are really cool and fun. The build up to getting your powers was nice, and it was fun (though challenging) learning to fly. Also, the upgrades are a cool idea, though I might prefer mission/xp rewards to searching for 180 orbs all over the city.

If I had one core critique, it would all come back to the control. The walking controls were very difficult, and never got easier for me. I made it to the fruit stand mission, and was stumbling all over the place until getting stuck in-between stalls and dying. 

The flying is pretty fun, but I still found the controls there finicky. The battling also was very touchy, it was difficult to hit targets even if they were right near me.

Overall, it was a mixture of fun (the missions, environment, flying) and frustration (battling the controls).

I'd love to see this continue development, it's an amazing start! Even with my critiques, this is a really impressive entry. Great work!


Wow. This is one heck of a game!

I'm going to start with the star of the show: flying. It rocks! It feels great, it looks super cool, and the game makes it a genuinely important first-class mechanic rather than an afterthought. Taking off was a bit awkward but once I figured that it out it was quite a wow moment.

Though the flying more than makes up for it, ground movement is kinda bad. The way the camera and movement controls work or don't work together just makes changing directions really unintuitive. I did mostly get used to it after a while, but it still didn't feel great. Some of the awkwardness of both comes from how different they are: movement on the ground is entirely controlled with the keyboard, with the mouse for camera only, while movement in the air is all mouse. 

Combat also does not work well, though I think it just needs some tweaking. You have to stop to aim, which is fine, but I found it impossible to aim quickly because the sensitivity is so high, even when turned down. There might be something weird with the motion itself, too. I think if there was (stronger?) autoaim or bullet magnetism it would help a lot, but as it stands trying to quickly stop, aim precisely, and unleash a barrage is incredibly frustrating. When it works it feels great, but it's very hard to pull off.

Weirdly, though sensitivity is usually too high (and maybe the motion a bit "grainy"), sometimes it's really low, too. Same for movement speed, which is usually okay, but sometimes faster and sometimes slower. I do wonder if those are related to framerate...

I wouldn't say this game has performance issues, but it's pretty demanding to the point of pushing my laptop to the ragged edge of what it can do. There were noticeable dips and spike here and there, and some parts were definitely smoother than others.

In fact, that's why I only got as far as I did. I stopped after the first flying+combat mission because my laptop started to overheat and thermal throttle. If I have time I'll be sure to give this another shot on my gaming machine.

Technically, this is probably the most impressive game in the jam, with maybe Chromagicka Girl in the same league. I almost squeed when I dropped into the game world and watched an NPC walk into view, stop, turn around and leave as a car rolled on by. I did witness a few cars flying in the air, but it doesn't really take away from the sandboxy feel at all.

I understand that it was a deliberate choice, but I still wish this game had more narrative than a text blurb here or there. I'd really love if it had cinematic storytelling like newer sandboxes- but of course, then it would be a very different game.

I don't like the trash picking mission; it gets by on style, but it's conceptually really not a good mission and it feels kind of half-baked. It's not so tedious as to ruin the whole game but it could be shortened up.

I do like the graphics. I can see how they would be divisive, but they worked really well for me. I'm talking mostly about the comic book look and RWBY-ish solidly coloured NPCs. There was some clipping and weirdness with the models and some minor blemishes with the UI that I'd firmly file in "it's an issue but I stopped noticing after 30 seconds" category.

I've had a bit of a hard time categorizing this one mentally, because on one hand it feels like a very professional, polished game, but on the other hand it feels like a janky concept project. Upon further reflection, I don't think there's a conflict there. It's both. It feels above all like an alpha version of a professional, polished game- it's absolutely there in some ways but there are still some kinks to work out.

Finally, are upskirts some kind of mahou shoujo trope I wasn't aware of? I commented on another game thinking that was a bit WTF and they mentioned something about nostalgia.


I have mixed feelings about this game. At its best, it feels like "Magical Girl Simulator;" at its worst, it feels like a clunky prototype.

The city environment and character art helps the game feel like you're playing as a magical girl in the city flying around and fighting monsters. Flight, despite the flaws (I'll touch on those later) was a joy and had enough forgiveness built in to allow me to experience the joy of leaving gravity behind. The waypoints and clear targets kept me from feeling lost, and the sparse story kept the game moving while still providing some context for each mission. Each mission presents a single new mechanic, making each objective an effective tutorial for the game while keeping the game moving. The controls are simple and are not hard to reach. The music seems deliberately trippy but is also sedate enough to serve as a backdrop to this epic adventure, and the audio effects for hits get the job done.

Not all is sunshine and rainbows, though. The camera and player controls seem to be at odds with each other; I can move the camera independently of the character, but it snaps back to behind the character's head when I start moving. I would have preferred the camera also adjust the direction the character moves, or have the camera movement tied to the directional buttons. Movement is also frequently awkward due to how sensitive everything is. I had to gingerly tap the A and D keys to try to make some of the more precise movements toward the ring objectives, and even then I would frequently overcorrect and miss my mark. The mouse movement while flying is no better, even with the new sensitivity settings turned all the way down I would frequently fly off in random directions with every twitch of my hand. I'm grateful that the ring objectives were forgiving about me missing them because I had to keep turning around to fly through them. Also, the city seems excessively massive. While I understand you're trying to emulate a city, it just seemed too big for the objectives presented. For example, the first mission is to run to school. The majority of that mission is just running straight through 3 objectives. There's no skill involved, so it's just waiting. Similarly, the mission that has you flying to the different portals is a long, boring ordeal of flying from one end of the city to the other. Even speed-flying requires multiple energy bars to get to each point. My last point is the portals: The framerate was not great originally, but when I entered a portal the framerate dropped like a rock and even after exiting the portal things never returned to their original levels. I played up to the mission where I'm supposed to collect energy to help upgrade my stats & gear, but I couldn't find where to go so I entered another portal and proceeded to disappear entirely. I quit the game at this point.

This game is clearly still under development (the version number even indicates as much) so issues are to be expected. Even so, I think this game would have made a better impression if it had been made smaller, both in size and scope. There are many positive aspects of this game so I'm sure these shortcomings will be gradually polished out as the game gets more developed.

Submitted (3 edits) (+1)

Okay, continue Part 2, 

I come back home and then a new day, after a while a new mission, This time is to avoid enemy projectiles while collecting stuff without magical girl power, okay, I actually enjoy this mission because I don’t have to kill enemies.

Then there’s a mission to follow the flying person? They look really cool though, the rainbow effect on the person.

I got back my power, and kill some enemy, then there’s a new mission to stop mad driver, 

I then launch at the car to stop it, It’s a decent mission I think, It’s a really quick chase, quite fun with the effect, 

and then there’s a mission to collect medical supplies and deliver them, I’m not sure why there are medical supplies on the roof of random buildings and streets but ok, collecting item is also kind of wonky, 

Then after that, there’s a mission to chase rainbow person again, It makes me go through, this is when I notice strange things when controlling the flight movement, First when I fly the camera seems to jitter a bit Like it’s fighting over where it will face to and sometimes the camera just turns too much, This actually makes aiming for precise movement to go through rings quite difficult, I missed a couple of time and have to awkwardly turn around to go through them.

After the game takes me to the tower with red light, the game makes me collect small items, and this is just a painful version of rings, This time I have to collect a small item and There’s no way I can fly that precise, I have to repeatedly press shift to move bit by bit. and the darkness of the night makes the stick that pokes out the tower completely invisible. so I hit it multiple time,(Which is strange because I come to check later on day time, and the stick is so thin, And it’s weird how I hit it multiple time.)

And then an ambush! A bunch of enemies comes to attack me, The battle is just as tedious as the other one but this time in total darkness, after that I follow rainbow person again and the game just ends.

The credit is really nice! I'm surprised there's someone who bothers to add the credit screen scroll like this.

Conclusion: The visuals in this game are beautiful when it comes to shaders and environment, But the fundamental gameplay needs some work, I don’t know why you decided to use tank control because it actually makes the control wonky. It’s amazing how you made a game this long in a month, So great job!


Wow. This was a really thorough review. Thank you so much! I will certainly take all your comments on board for the future :)

Submitted (2 edits) (+1)

Here’s my experience with the game

Okay game start, the first thing I notice, the control, It’s like a tank/old resident evil movement mix with the third person perspective? huh? I mean I never play a game with this weird control before so It’s kind of surprise me.,

It surprisingly works fine though,

There are a map and stuff, so and it reminded me of GTA, no way this is as large as GTA right?

Okay, I start the mission, The green and red button doesn’t have text? is that supposed to happen?

I turn to look at how the main character’s face looks like….. I’m never gonna do that again.

I follow the marker with tutorial on the way, very cool, There’s a tutorial just tell you one by one and not info dump.

The pedestrian and cars around really make the city feels alive. But the lighting of the city just feel weird, it feels too dark somehow

Then I start the garbage collecting mission, pick stuff up have really nice effect particle.

Honestly I think this mission just feels pointless and long, I guess it teach you how to pick up the stuff I guess, But the place you walk around to pick up garbage just felt so flat that it’s kinda boring.

after that there’s a mission where I follow the beam of light, Damn it’s so bright! especially with the weirdly dark lighting in the city.

After that I got the magical girl power, This is where the fun begins.

hmm, flying through rings? Superman 64 moment, the control better be good or I’m gonna go insane.

The fly control is pretty decent, I fly to the top of the building, the game said: “What are those things?”

Well, I said “Where are those things” I can’t see any enemy, At least they’re on the minimap.

Well, the fighting seems kind of unintuitive for me, avoiding enemy shots is impossible because you have to stand still to shoot and shoot then move doesn’t work either because it takes forever to turn around to the direction I want to move. it basically trades hit, low hp? fly away and regenerate, It’s kinda less exciting than I thought.

Then flying through ring mission again, this time I miss one ring on purpose to see what happened, and uh oh, I have to fly through all the ring or the mission won’t progress,

At first, I thought why though? going through rings is gonna be the most unfun thing I can think of, having rings would just restrict player freedom for no reason, flying through rings only viable if there’s a time trial or something, but not when you want the player to fly to a specific place. But then right after that mission, there’s a time trial so I guess the rings kind of acceptable now?

Then I see a portal, go in and yooooo! That’s cool, a non-euclidean portal! 

Then it asks me to collect quantum power, This is when I notice something inconvenient about the map, you see, if the item is off the map, you will see it at the border of the map, but you can’t tell how far it is and I don’t want to accidentally go around collecting them in an inefficient way, so I really wish I can use the whole map right now, But well that’s just minor inconveniences.

Then the game asks me to collect quantum fragments? Where? it didn’t show on the minimap, I guess I’ll have to go aimlessly explore now.

I only notice this now but apparently, the portal can lead to other places. by going through a portal and run around them, now this may be cool how you used the non-euclidean like that, It’s a big pain, the scenery in the portal looks the same makes it so that if I want to know where the portal is I have to go through the portal to check, and if it’s not where I want I have to go back through the portal, and the tank movement doesn’t help.,

Anyway, I collected 5 quantum fragments by going around the map landmarks. it turn evening, now I decided to check the upgrades first, but I have absolutely no idea what any of them do (other than heart icon), there’s no text or anything, so I randomly click at the rainbow shuriken thing.

After that there’s a battle with a bunch of enemies, this battle really highlight the wonky control for me, The lack of a way to properly dodge enemy projectile makes the battle very tedious, I can only tank the damage and kill one enemy and then hide then come back repeat, This is the biggest waste of potential, you could’ve just made player able to move sideway while shooting with A and D and it would’ve been an actually fun 3D bullet hell battle, but this is just tedious.

by the way, this game is very long, So I might have to stop now, I might make part 2 of this, but this is it for now.


Only gotten past the prologue / first 'boss' on the tallest building, still playing through, but some initial thoughts:

Holy crap the amount of work that must have gone into this-

Taaank controools

Flying is fun once you figure out how to get off the ground (w + shift + space + mouse up so you don't immediately land) but walking/running with tank controls is misery. Trying to use the the quantum teleport gates when its a struggle to walk through a small gap accurately is no fun. If input had been relative to the camera this wouldn't be an issue.

In general there's a lack of cohesion to the control scheme: flying takes mouse input + spacebar and moves in the direction of the camera, walking is tank controls with WASD. Mouse sensitivity in flight is excellent but too much when flying stationary; I found I had to pretty much fly up into an enemy's face to aim worth a damn.

Combat in general feels... off? Flight is unquestionably the best part of this game, so having to stop to shoot feels strange. Given enemies completely fail to lead their shots stopping is also the only way they can hit you; combine that with the aiming issues mentioned earlier means combat pretty much boils down to 'fly into enemies face and trade hp until they die'. Your health regenerates, their's doesn't, ergo.


All fair comments, and unfortunately none I had not considered. Had I been a better designer I may have even thought of solutions to some of those! :D

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

I'm enjoying the storyline so far. At 46%, will finish over the next couple days.

One very interesting plus is that the game through gameplay actually does explore the idea of what it feels like to have power versus not having any power. This is a concept that I feel is not explored enough in games.


Really liked your game. 

Flying made the difference for me. I think most of the other games, including mine (at least, based on what I played so far), didn't really do anything interesting with the magical girl theme gameplay-wise.  So, I like your attempt, at doing that. Flight control feels a bit janky, but I quickly got used to them (this goes to walking as well). Other than that, this mechanic is great.

I feel that fighting could be designed better, because currently, enemies are too passive, and it's very easy to run/fly away from them and heal.

Art and modeling are well-made (for a game jam), however, the city feels somewhat repetitive.

Overall, I had a fun time playing it, good job!


This is also a very pretty game too. The city looks great and I think I spent more time exploring than doing missions lol ( after a half hour of playing I haven't started the second battle yet. I flew away to explore and find more orbs). The only issue I had was it felt like I was fighting for control of the camera when I'm on the ground and somehow I got the camera stuck in the portal room while the character was outside.

Overall gave me Spiderman vibes, and I love Spiderman.

Developer (1 edit)

Yeah, if you are moving the camera will try to get behind you. If you're standing still you should have full control though.

The camera getting stuck is a known glitch, but I felt it was rare enough that it wasn't really worth figuring out. Sorry it happened to you. :)
Luckily, returning to title screen and then hitting continue will always fix it.