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This is so well done!!! Great job to everyone who worked on this! I really adore how well dynamic audio is utilized here! <3

My criticism is that when music loops back, the music stopped for a split second. I recommend to change the mp3 files to ogg as it makes looping seamless.

For a demo, it has shown some of its potentials. I would love to see where the game will go from here! Keep up the good work! :D

Big thanks to RenpyTom for his recommendation. This was a great read! :D

You guys did an amazing job on this!

Amy should have used EmptyChat.

My eyes are playing tricks on me, but I managed to beat the lunatic mode! XD

The atmosphere on this one is so goood!!

This game gave me the good creep, I love it! <3

This is very nice!

The game has such a cool vibe! The concept is great too! I would love if this game is expanded further! 

I very much like the concept! I think it can be expanded further!

I very much like the concept! I think it can be expanded further!

So many good surprises! I love it!

This game is so wholesome. The story really hits hard at the end and it's beautiful. Thank you for making this!

Simple, but very well executed is what I can say about this game. Well done! :D

I love this!!

I love this!!

I made a simple beat :) Hope you like it!



This link should work now :)
Also Hello June! XD

Thanks for the report!

When dashing through these two  with squirel's meat on the right edge, the meat got pushed to the right side, but she got stuck and unable to move.

What kind of crash happened?

Senang juga melihat orang Indo yang peduli indie games dari Indonesia! :)

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I've added more story to the game in version 1.1! Hopefully everyone will get what I want to tell to the VN world.