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Oh my god thank you so much for the vote of confidence! Yeah Vryell is amazing at what he does. I'm actually in the process of uploading a new version of the game. No much is changed about it just started over to fix a few things I should have done at the start.

Well I cant rate it. But I loved it. Great work guys! :D

Well Now the tortured moans of this little planet are going to haunt my dreams. With that being said. Great game, great message.

Count me in. I have yet to even do a game jam but I'm getting there. :D


So people who own the game here will get steam keys right?

Myst: Prologue community · Created a new topic Known Bugs
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  1. Hot Toffy Glitch (Yeah I went there)
    1. When you 'sleep' with Candi in the Brothel and the main town if you add her to your party leave the room and come back you can repeat the process an infinite amount of times
  2. All I do is win win win
    1. In the Casino of the Need Want you can get an infinite amount of slot machine coins from Candi. 

If anyone runs into anything else drop it here. Give it a clever name and a layman's description.

KThx <3