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First of all sorry for bad english.

Now, i've played it for a while, It's a neat game but it kinda lacks complexity and features, if you're planing to extend it further ofcoarse.

Here is how i'd have done it:

1) A square game field (althought i would prefer circle) and instead of one granny - many people that are standing or walking by the borders of it, throwing popcorn.

(people can be simple meshes or even sprites - doesn't really matter). Randomizer will pick each time a different person to throw popcorn.

2) Camera probably should always be positioned and locked behind your pigeon's back and rotate along with his rotation. Keeping the same downward angle will help to avoid the need of modeling anything beyond game field itself.

3) Gameplay mechanics:

a) no machinegun - immersion breaking (well if we're taking about immersion at all, no offense), player's pigeon should have more distinctive pallete.

b) to prevent enemy pigeons from eating popcorn you'll have abilities like "push", "scream" and "sprint"(or smthn like that)

"Push" (would have cooldown, strength and stun duration parameters) will push back nearby pigeon (that was positioned in front of your pigeons head) and stun him for a little while. The higher the level the more stronger versions of enemy pigeons will spawn and pushing them will be harder/not so efficient.

"Scream" (long cooldown, radius, scatter duration) will affect all pigeons in certain radius causing them to scatter for a certain duration and thus alowing you to get popcorn while they are distracted.

"Sprint" (cooldown, duration of effect, walking speed boost) increases your speed for a short amount of time (1,5-2 sec), also during sprint if you run into some pigeon he will roll away like bowling bowl and get stunned for a while, but also slowing you down a bit.

d) when you complete a level, all % of score above 50% will be transfered to you as skill points. Between levels you can spend them to upgrade parameters of your abilities (such as upgrading strength of "Push" will grant you more chances agains stronger version of enemy pigeons and etc)

And so, the core game mechanics of the game will be:

- smart game field navigation;

- strategical timing and use of abilities;

- strong motivation to perform better in current level to gain more skill points;

Well, hope it helps :)

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Hi folks!

I want to introduce to you Adva-Lines.


It's like good old Lines, but...well...kinda advanced :).

Anywho, basic concept of this game is to set 5 figures with the same shape into a straight line to "score it".

But, and that's where advanced part comes in, a game have Perks system, which are kinda like abilities that could help you during a game.

Perks can be bought for special points which you earn by completing certain conditions like to have 3+ figures of same color in scored line or score several lines in a row or score a line longer then default 5 figure etc.

And that's only the beginning of an advanced part. Furthermore Adva-Lines have different game modes which differ greatly between themselves and bring new mechanics and features to the game, forcing you to apply serious strategic thinking during your play.

Presented Demo version includes fully functional Classic, Awakening & Kingdoms Brawl game modes.

Now when shameless advertising part is over i have a little favor to ask.

Since Adva-Lines offers not only a singleplayer but a hotseat pvp multiplayer aswell, it's not an easy task to balance stuff out, especially in custom game modes.

And so, if you have some free time, a friend/colleague nearby, please consider playing (and thus beta-testing) Adva-Lines -> 2 Players -> "Kingdoms Brawl" mode...

...and let me know what you think about it's balance (for example is Demolisher inflicting to much damage, or a Thief stealing to much per turn, or a chance for Agent to catch a Thief is too low etc.)

Thanks for your time.

Hope you'll have fun!