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Thank you so much for the Feedback :) I'm glad if you liked the game ^^

Understood then :) i'll keep you up, i'm glad if my feedback helped ^^

Alright, my bad if it's all done purposely then, sorry for bothering ^^ I'll try replaying it by finding the lightning bolt first :)

Love it ! The concept is cool, visuals looks very cool too (i like the little animation when you're planting cactus), and the puzzle parts works great. Two small issues : the lacks of sounds, even very simple retro sounds would have been great, and they would have fit perfectly. And also the text, very blurry which makes it very hard to read. Otherwise awesome game :)

Pretty funny game, but i think it requires a bit more work to get something very polished. The base concept is classic, but it works, but there's a lot of thing i did'nt really understand, like how does the cavern works ? And what am i supposed to do after fouding my beloved t-rex partner ? Also, two things : Small issues with the health bar, take care with the slider components as after dying you can slide the handle (it's a detail tho), and take care with assets flipping, i get that graphics are'nt the main point of the game but take care with what you use, and were you get it from, it's always better when you try to do something by yourself, even if it does'nt look as good as you want ^^ trying is the whole point of a jam. If you wish to upgrade your game a little more, here's what i advise : better explanation of some elements (maybe a small tutorial, as the text of the beginning gives a bit too much informations too quick), and graphics coherent beeteween themselves. GameDev is a long journey, and there's a lots of cool things awaiting for you, keep going on for it :)

I like the concept, it's a very simple game but it works. But two small advice : First you should reset the energy after finding the beans, as i coudl'nt pass after finding the five beans. And maybe add a little decorations to each of the room for orientations, the fact that they all looks the same makes it hard to know were you've been in my opinion. Otherwise i like how it's done, it's a very simple concept but it clearly works, restarting to find all the beans right in times is a pretty solid foundation. Good Game :) Keep up the good work

Very good game. I like the Idea, the gameplay is pretty simple but it works very well (tho i think it's very mobile oriented, in my opinion it's harder to play it with a mouse), it's very fun to play with the Axe. Two small issues : i think wave goes very quick, it does'nt take a lot of time before i'm completely flooded (and maybe you should reduce the amount of screenshake after a certain wave, as when there's a lot of ennemies, it can be a bit hard for the eyes.), and the fact that upgrading health heal the tower completely make the healing aptitude almost useless on the first waves. Apart from that, very good game, love the concept, very fun to play :)

Pretty good game, i like the idea of a race platformer. Tho i think it's pretty difficult. I could'nt pass level 2. Restart to find all the red bricks, to slow down your opponent is a pretty good mechanic, but i think the oppponent might be slowed down a little longer (maybe it's just me who sucks, which is totally possible x) ). It would have been cool if you could see your opponents doing the racing too. Otherwise very good game, i like the aesthetic, simple but efficient and the audio is cool too :) congrats

Nice i look forward then ^^


Thank you so much ^^ Yes originally i'd planned to have more ennemy types. I'm really glad you like the concept :)

Great coding experience but why so short ? With a few improvement on the visuals, the sound design and an endless mode, this could be a great Flappy Bird Like ! Keep up the good work ^^

Very good game, love the very old arcade style, the gameplay is fun and the sound design is great, tho it might be a little to easy for an endless game. Nice Work !

Cool game, i really like the aesthetic and sound design, tho it's pretty hard to control (and i couldn't manage to land on the Capsule). The physic is pretty well done. GG !

Pretty good, i like the idea, tho the game is a bit too hard and the sensitivity is way too high. It also lacks sounds which could have been a huge improvement to the overhaul quality

Pretty good game, tho it's pretty hard. I really like the visuals, sound design could have been a great improvement. Nice Game ^^

Wow ! Amazing Work, love the aesthetic and the old cpc/spectrum vibes ^^ Keep up the good work like that, it's awesome !