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Aldo Zond

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glad you liked it.   I agree,  I've a text file. of dozens of mechanics I'd like to implement like fluids and cutting of strings and newton's cradle type devices. 

Hahahah Tut Tut Tut!  Glad you enjoyed it

cheers, glad you liked it

Cool effects, cool game, loved how atmospheric it all feels

Thanks for the feed back, i'll check you're out now.

I'm glad you liked it, i did have to pay the clown danger money to stand there!

Thank you, glad you liked it

thanks for the feedback. I'll check the collision layers. ta.  glad you enjoyed it. 

Yeah my wife complained about the kicking into the air bug and i thought i'd fixed it but clearly not.  I hope it didnt make you motion sick like it did her.

Glad you enjoyed it.  I certainly had fun making it.  There is a sequence that i tested with but if you got it to work in some other order, thats all part of the chain reaction.

Hi, thanks for trying Bernard's 3D Brain Hunt.   It's SpaceBar to jump but You also found a bug!   The physics  was inconsistent when run on different types hardware.   I've found the issue and fixed it and published a new version for you to download.  Cheers