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I appreciate the divulgation, thank you! Still didn't got time to finish it, though :(

Thanks for the tip. I'll try to improve the game as soon as possible :)

I'm really sorry I desapointed you. I tryied my best to make a good game, but I didn't had very much time, since I'm in college and in a game dev course where I already got a lot of stuff to do. Also, when I joined the jam, it was already in the middle. So, when it was ending, I had to submit what I got... But I hope I'll be able to continue the game as soon as possible because I really liked the art assets, so the game will probably have updates.

Oh, God, I'm so sorry. It's because in the video looks like it's a boy. I'm sooooo sorry

Thanks man, this will help the people to see my game :)

Thank you. I'll make a better version when I have more time to do it