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Thank you, for your feed back. Actually I started the development on the last day of game jam, so I was in hurry modelling all the stuff-so I couldn't give much attention. Any way I'll try to fix them.

And coming to logo its a character from my previous game "Fenzy_FPS", if u have free time do check it out :)

Game's good, but the ball was way too fast, nut concept was great!!

loved the game, but gravity dash , was way too quick for descending-

the game's very addictive, loved the art and mechanics....

Yes I too thought of patching up the controls a bit..., I'll try to resolve them in future updates

Loved the game!!!, the art and music are amazing and liked the pixel art style its cool..

The game's great and yeah had same issues with asteroids, I thought they were obstacles.....!!

Hey the game's interesting and liked it!, but I could destroy 2 blocks at same time is it the feature or bug? still the game's cool.

Thank you MrJekerman, actually  I finished the game with-in 24 hrs, I joined the jam yesterday. So I didn't had enough time to polish the game.

Anyway thank you for your feedback!! and I'll try to fix them in future updates.

Thank Yous Mr_Bun, I'll try to change them in future updates!!

Hey man nice to meet you here again :D after score space jam, once again u made a great game, everything was smooth, and cool!!

nice game, liked the interpretation of theme and aesthetics, can u should try mine also which is too a FPS

Hey this game got coolest mechanics, Loved the rewind gun concept!!

Loved the game, both and level design and music were great:D

Hey this is a cool game man!!, the game play was good as well as, both the 3D art and music!!

Yeah it was really fun playing this game, the visuals and sfx were amazing!!

Yeah, thats a great idea, but I implemented a jetpack system, where u can fly by tapping "F" key, in case u want to do an aerial attack or u fell off the map..

Hey loved ur game, the art and music were awesome, but I was quickly running out of shurikens, when ever enemies attacked in swarms!!, except for that everything was great!!

Thank you yellosubmarine for ur support!!

Hey this game's simple and great. The art and sfx are good, and I agree with others the limitation of movement was good for it.

The gameplay's cool and unique. both art and music were great, it would be great if it was available for mobiles.

Hey just played your game its great!!, music and visuals are good but the helicopters were spawning too fast, was a bit confused weather to defend the tower or get maximum kills!!

This game's cool with the retro look, visuals and great music!!

This game's great the visuals and sfx were good, and even the interpretation of theme was unique, well I think it would be great if we were able to move the ship and dodge the missiles, they were homing too fast.

Thank You Carter Games for ur feedback!!

Just played your game it was cool, art and music were great and loved your theme it was sarcastic yet real....

Thank you nickolasbanducci, I kept the mini map cause I too wasn't able to play the game. And coming to jump, I used "F" key because I forgot the syntax to set Space bar as a key!!!, I know its a dumb reason but its true.

Yeah I'll try to fix that infinate jump bug, and there are no vertical limit to this game, U can reach as high as possible until U run out off lives, while u will die instantly if u fall off the platform.

Anyways thankyou for ur feedback.

Thank You Fewmade, I just forgot to include the instructions scene while building the game. And I'll try to change the jump controls in future updates!!!

Thank you Klian !!, and I kept the mini map intentionally to help. Coming to blocks I'll try to change their speed...

Hello guys!, sorry I forgot to include the controls for the game

the controlls are:-

W, A, S, D to move around and "F" to jump

Thank You "Rithm Gaming" for your valuable feedback!!, I'll soon improve my game taking your suggestions, and coming to music I didn't create it. Any how feeling delighted!! to have supportive community like u guys :), once angain thank you very much for your concern.

thank you "GreenBeakCrow" for your valuable feedback , actually the controls were inverted only to "add difficulty to master the game",

coming to red boxes they are "boundaries" so when ever u hit them u loose one life and coming to white boxes only the triangular ones are obstacles, while plain white rectangles are platform. I'll change my color scheme soon in future updates.

any how thanks for your concern

"Erikelef" thank you for your valuable feed back,I'll rectify them soon. 

"dunkelgrau" sorry for the inconvenience. I'll look into it maybe it was wrong tag.

I've included NavMesh agent & enemy AI for their movement

Wow u did add those many features in ur 1st fps; soo cool!!!

u can even checkout my 1st fps in unity " ";

The game was cool!; "but it would be even better if it had a crosshair !!", any way it was good!!

Thank You "Pandemon", for reporting bugs, now I remember that id didn't add "Destroy()", script to player,

I'll fix this soon!!

Once again thank you.

Thank You "Ebediam" for ur valuable feedback I'll try to fix all these bugs soon.

actually the mechanism was "if the tiles(only) hit un-rendered wall beneath the play area u'll get an increment in score", so I think I should change the mechanics.

any way thanks again !!!

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Controls are (Mouse Right button to move left) & (Left button to move right)