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It's available for download at

Yeah, starting on it now!

Don't worry about it haha I'm in the same boat

Yeah, I've got a bit of a queue but I'm trying to get to everyone by the end of the jam


Oh, so you need a MIDI file?

What do you mean "must be used on Makecode"? is there some kind of restriction on audio files in Makecode?

No, that's fine :) i'm glad the track works for you

any specs beyond ambient?

Yeah, what are you looking for?

lmao yeah

No problem, it's now available for download at

I do not have a discord but I should probably make one. And yes, this is free.

Cool, any specifications?


Yeah, what are you thinking?

sounds good!

Yeah, any other specifications?

I use Logic Pro X personally, but you can make great music on quite a few free DAWs, like Garageband and FL Studio

You can download it free on my SoundCloud profile here:

Thanks! Yeah, I think on my next project I'll work on communicating objectives more clearly to the player.

The file is ready, how would you like me to get it to you?


Hey there! Could you explain a little more what you mean by "intense" and "cartoon"?

Sure, when you start working on your entry/whenever you're ready, just let me know what you're looking for and I can get started on it

Just hit me up, I'll do one track per person for free

Yeah, I would just increase the acceleration a bit.

Hey there! That was really fun, I loved your use of sound design.

Of course! I replayed twice, got EXPERT B)

Wow. GREAT level design, I loved it. I just wish there were some sound effects!

Really fun, solid arcade action. Nice to look at, too! I do just wish that the player character was a little more visually distinct from the enemies, as when I hit the bonuses I sometimes find I get the player mixed up with the newly spawned enemies in mid-air.

It's like WarioWare for Nokia. Love it, really polished and fun.

I also loved the visual style, it was amazing how expressive the graphics were even in such a low resolution. Maybe a bit scuffed, but I was really impressed at the size of the game world and I thought the overall design and mechanics were great-- it was like a tiny little metroidvania!

Thanks! I tried really hard.

Yeah it is lmao thanks dude :)

Hi there! I really liked the music battle mechanics. There were a few minor glitches, but mostly I just wish there was more to play, this was really fun.

This was fun, I really liked the graphics. I do wish that the dino's movement back and forth was a little bit more snappy, as it was difficult to dodge the meteors.

Looks like a fun game, but it keeps freezing a few seconds in (on Firefox for Mac)

I thought this was a pretty cool concept! Enjoyed the experience.