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Yeah, 4 / 4 times. dxdiag:

omg you're right. release the kraken.

Super adorable and super fun. Very easy to pick up but challenging and creative.

omg this is so great. the music and sound effects...

I really really like the aesthetic of the intro (esp. the music), it made me excited to play the game.

The shooting sound effect hurts my ears a bit (it is very high-pitched). It is also hard for me to tell when I need to break all the eggs vs. let them go. In a lot of stages, it seems I can just walk to the exit and ignore the eggs.

Swapping back and forth between the two objects is fun! Movement feels good.

I find it a bit hard to tell when I'm doing damage to the "boss" enemy, even with the sound effect.

I also tend to skip over tutorial stuff, so it took me a bit of time to figure out that I was swapping to the coin thing by hitting space. Maybe having more feedback when you swap between them in the same room would help.

super cool!!! feels really satisfying to play. I got to level 12 of hell.

I got stuck between the first and second screens :( the camera keeps jumping back and forth between them