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A jam submission

RunningUpThatHillView game page

Game Made for Extra Credits Game Jam #5
Submitted by skolodychuk
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RunningUpThatHill's page

Theme inspiration
Passage of a friend. We started with an idea of liminal spaces (A liminal space is the time between the 'what was' and the 'next.') and abstracted going through the five stages of grief.

Sensory info

Content info
Features themes of death, grief, and depression.

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Thank you for the game!

I really adored the music and the art style! They both sucseeded in creating levels emotionally ditinct. I always struggle with finding time to elaborate on musical design of my games, so when other people do this right it always amazes me and prompts immediate respect. The art style is very effective at making scene 'breath', while keeping details to the minimum to not distract you from the action.

Platformer felt good for the most part, although I would say that level design does not work on conveying emotions as well as music and visuals. I had hard time understanding what level corresponds to what stage of grief judjing by the level design alone. The difficulty progression felt very generic for any platformer, wich is a loss in my eyes. I liked, though, that while every stage before the last one ends with falling into the pit, the last stage is fully dedicated to overcoming pits. This felt very cathartic.

The ending felt very abrupt and somewhat spoiled the experience for me. The change was so sudden and sharp, that it made me smile a bit, despite the subject matter. I think making transition to the last scene more smooth would have added it much needed emotional weight.


Thank you for playing our game! Personally, I'm disappointed in my level design and wish I had more time to flesh it out. A piece of our tech broke so the last hours of development time went to fixing that instead of adding smooth transitions. 

Thank you for the amazing feedback! Once the submission lock ends we were planning on cleaning this up a bit and updating our release.

I got stuck between the first and second screens :( the camera keeps jumping back and forth between them


Hmm. That's an odd bug. I never encountered that bug during development and can't get it working on my machine. Does it consistently happen for you?

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Yeah, 4 / 4 times. dxdiag:


Can you try running in 1080 and see if it still breaks? That's the only thing I can think of at the moment.