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Bravo a vous pour ce super jeu ! En moins de 48h c'est génial !

C'est un bon jeu ! Il y a beaucoup de coupe de cheveux différent et le gameplay est bien ajuster pour permettre au joueurs de couper précisement les cheveux !

Le résultat est impressionnant pour un jeu fait en moins de 48h !

Is it like ProBuilder ?

Great sound ! 

I'm interest in this software, but i'm on Linux. Is it possible for the developper to make a Linux build of this soft ?

Merci beaucoup pour ton retour très constructif ! :)

Concernant le passage qui t'a presque fait abandonner le jeu, c'était le passage ùu il faut activer le bouton et courir vers la porte ?

Nous savons que le jeu peut encore être amélioré, nous allons continuer a le développer pour corriger tous les petits problèmes de lumière et de physique. J'aimerai aussi améliorer le storytelling et mieux expliquer aux joueurs comment il peux utiliser son arme. D'ailleurs, a tu vite compris comment utiliser le tir secondaire ? 

En tout cas merci encore d'avoir joué a notre jeu ! Ton message fait plaisir à toute l'équipe ;)

Love the art style and the music ! The concept is very interesting too. But i still block at the level 6, this become harder ^^

This is clever and fun ! But this could be even better if you add better graphic and some music !

How did you play ?

Very funny and colorful game. The difficulty increases very fast.

But a the end of the level 3, i have a bug and i fall infinitely without dying.

Thanks for your interest and feedback in our game. All the team is very glad to see your comment here. This motivated us a lot.

We are happy to announce that we will participate in the contest. Thanks for the invitation.

And yes, this actually require a good PC to the play. We're planning to optimize it and add content to the game.

Hi ! The keys for moving is ZQSD, this is bind for the AZERTY keyboard. You may have a QWERTY keyboard.

You can modifing the inputs within UnityPlayer at the launch of the game.

Thank you for your interest in our game. Keep us informed if you can play and do not hesitate to give us your opinion once the game is over.


You control Orsha who wakes up in a science complex. While trying to escape, you will find a strange weapon allowing you to teleport.

Can you help Orsha leave this complex with this weapon ?


You wake up in a strange futuristic complex. While your fate seemed reduced to that of a laboratory rat, a technical malfunction occurs and gives you a chance to escape. Soon after, you will find a strange weapon that seems to ignore some laws of physics and makes you able to teleport yourself. Armed with this new tool, it's up to you to escape from this gigantic building before you get trapped there.

The adventure begins under the ground, at -240 level of the Pulse Legacy underground complex, a futuristic technological research company. Over the levels, the player will evolve in several distinct poles within the building.

Play this game for free now !

This game have been make by 7 persons during one month. 

This is my first releases game on and we're very excited to read your feedback on this game.

Is it juste a copy past of the code post on this video ?

Merci pour ton retour !! :D