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Hey, you should be able to play 64it version on all modern version of windows.

Hi vecuccio what browser are you using?

The game is really charming. It is quite challenging if you are playing by yourself. Awesome work guys!

Very nice game I like the simple concept. Just an idea, but how you tried to make picking up and trowing the egg using the same button? 

Wow, game looks really awesome, dig the gameboy aesthetic!

Thanks connorsw, we'll fix it!

The game looks really awesome! Any chance of macOS build?

Awesome work guys! I really dig the atmosphere and the art style.

Thank you randomguy! :)

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Thanks Ganjo, hope you like it!

Octo Curse is a 2D action platfomer following the story of a pirate captain who has been turned into an octopus by an evil spirit. The little octopus embarks on the quest to save the rest of his crew and reverse the curse. Explore levels, collect coins, unlock doors and climb the mysterious tower as you get closer and closer to the final showdown.

Octo Curse features over 100 levels, 5 different chapters, handcrafted visuals and it is fully compatible with controller (and keyboard of course!)

Octo Curse is completely free to play. You can grab it on:
Thank you and hope you'll like it!