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Hey! Thank you very much for reaching out! We have been working all this time and we are actually nearly done with the game and the full version should be available in the coming months! More news incoming soon!

Hey! We are working on the game, adding bunch of new stuff, and hopefully we'll have something to reveal in the coming months.

Hey, unfortunately it is not possible, if you want android version of the game, you can only download it via Google Play.

Great job!

Nice run guys!

Hey Zoda can you please be more specfic?

Nice work, the visual style is fantastic! Any chance of MacOS build?

Hey BoiFat, thank you for the feedback. We are working to fix issue of getting out of the bounds.

I am really not sure about shots, if you are aiming at the target is should shoot it. Is the issue with shotgun or rifle?

Thank you Beorgames! Yeah, performance was a real issue.
Your game looks really nice, visuals are simple and the gameplay is engaging!
Keep up the great work!

Thank you Gold-Diamond, much appreciated it! Regarding the custom mapping of the control, that would be a great thing to have, but since there is only two of us working on the game, we lack time, but that is something I would definitely like to add to the game later.
As for the, right click for reload, we'll add it in the update, which is coming hopefully in a day or two.

Hey dr!ppy, yeah we noticed that screen shake is maybe too much, we will reduce the screen shake in upcoming update, and later add an option to completely disable it.

Thank Coebin! Can you descirbe more about that bullet reload bug? We haven't noticed before. And yeah there will be secret character!

Nice run ezez!

Hey Swip the Swatch, I agree. The idea is to add additional tutorial level that will teach you the basics,  so you'll be properly prepared when going into the fight

Hello fellow players!
Our small team at Ajvar Studio has released its newest game Bullets & Brains. Bullets & Brains is a top down shooter set in an post-apolitical city overrun by hordes of zombies, and your goal is to destroy them! Game is completely playable in browser and you can also download versions for Windows and MacOS.
You can check Bullets and brains on our page

Game Features

  • 2 distinctive character to play as
  • Sprawling post apocalyptic metropolis to explore
  • Support for mouse and keyboard & gamepad - play as you like
  • Play in Mission Mode or Survival Mode
  • Rack up scores and earn Ratings

Bullets and Brains is still in development, and we will be adding more content in the future. There are plans for more levels, additional playable character and new enemies.

Here you can check the trailer for the game. Thank you!

Hey MigCreatesGames, thank you! There are plans for mobile versions. And regarding camera shakes I agree, we will probably add an option in settings to disable it.

Thanks Bis35, glad you like it!

Nice work DudeZero!

Thank you, it may come in some of the next updates!

Thank you @hydraxsx!

Thank you very much!

I'll double check into it, but I think you should be able to continue playing once you stop and return to page later.

Hey @wulirocks, thank you, glad you like it.  Much appreciated!

Thank you BungoFungus!

Hey, you should be able to play 64it version on all modern version of windows.

Hi vecuccio what browser are you using?

The game is really charming. It is quite challenging if you are playing by yourself. Awesome work guys!

Very nice game I like the simple concept. Just an idea, but how you tried to make picking up and trowing the egg using the same button? 

Wow, game looks really awesome, dig the gameboy aesthetic!

Thanks connorsw, we'll fix it!

The game looks really awesome! Any chance of macOS build?

Awesome work guys! I really dig the atmosphere and the art style.

Thank you randomguy! :)

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Thanks Ganjo, hope you like it!

Octo Curse is a 2D action platfomer following the story of a pirate captain who has been turned into an octopus by an evil spirit. The little octopus embarks on the quest to save the rest of his crew and reverse the curse. Explore levels, collect coins, unlock doors and climb the mysterious tower as you get closer and closer to the final showdown.

Octo Curse features over 100 levels, 5 different chapters, handcrafted visuals and it is fully compatible with controller (and keyboard of course!)

Octo Curse is completely free to play. You can grab it on:
Thank you and hope you'll like it!