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Fantastic game !  Deserves a full mobile release !

A download version would be great too (also 32bit :-) )

"Too much recursion" during the intro when mouse controls appear on screen. (Browser version)

Download version is 64bit only. 

Looks like a cool idea though.

Looks great. Would love a single player version !

The download version said it was 64bit only (even though the folder name said both)

Pity there's no 32bit version. In the browser version   the right hand side of the game is off the screen

"The browser could not allocate enough memory...."

"Error too much recursion" when click the PLAY button

Damn ! Dude ! This is one stressful game ! :-) Great job !

This looks really cool.  Unfortunately the download is 64bit only. And the browser version runs at like 3fps (presumably because this is a 32bit PC ?)

Great idea. But harder than Michael Jackson in a kindergarten. :-)

What a genius idea !  You should release this on Mobile (if you haven't already)

Any chance of a download link ? Often my browser says it is unable to allocate sufficient memory to the tab

The browser could not allocate enough memory.......
Seems 64gig is not enough for this game ?

Doesn't work with the 360 controller at all

It actually works in a browser - unlike the original game !
However, it doesn't support the XB360 4windows controller.

No controller support.

The download is missing the Unity assets required to play the game,

An absolute mess of corrupted screen and ghosts falling off the screen. Absolutely does not function at all. I guess the dev didn't get the job :-)

Drop 1 fish and the game is over ? Come on dude ! This is not 1979 ! People play these games for fun and relaxation, not to be stressed out by design decisions made for coin ops.

Doesn't seem to work with XB360 controller for Windows. Press A and the game freezes (browser game), crashes to desktop (Windows version)

"Indrect call to null" upon loading in Firefox.

Nice game. I would have preferred the cars to be less 'floaty', so that the challenge was beating the other cars, rather than just staying on the track.

Doesn't seem to support 'look around' on XBox 360 controller for Windows, only walk forward and back.

It looks beautiful. But there seems to be no logic to what you do and no reason to do what you do. It's very confusing.

You can only shoot in the downward direction ? Is this how it is designed, or because I am trying to use an XBox 360 controller for Windows ?