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-screen-fullscreen 0 works for me! (Also on Linux.) Unfortunately though, I don't have access to my saved game in windowed mode. It seems that running with that argument causes the game to not recognize the save file?

I'm stumped! Yes, you may have better luck compiling for linux if you're willing to work through the process.

I have, are you using the most recent version?

I'm also uploading a new build generated with C++ bindings compiled for release, let me know if it works any better.

The source on Github was missing a number of scripts. That's now fixed, and I've added setup instructions. Thanks for bringing that to my attention!

Oh no! :( Do you have any error messages in the console? What operating system are you on?

What a game! This felt like a good theatre production. The players actions are largely limited to the choice of who to observe--nonetheless, this was the most engaging walking simulator (sorry--dérive enabler!) I've played in a long time.

The story was intriguing, and the 30 minute cycles seem to flash by as I tried to piece together the plot. Ultimately, I wasn't able to come up with a complete casual chain of events (perhaps an inherent limitation of a narrative without beginning, middle, or end), but I did meet a host of interesting characters!

Above all, what's stuck with with me is the world: a fun, fantastical, and deeply fashionable dystopia that hit me close to home. The world feels much bigger than the game, and if it was your intention to pose a cliffhanger, it's a roaring success. I'm curious to know what lies outside the doors of the gardens, and I'd be excited to see anything more you make in Intrepis Interplanetary's universe!

A lovely little game! I read this as a parable of capitalism--if you truly gave your customers what's best for them, they'd stop coming back. I was expecting a twist ending where you lose your job, and my more cynical side was disappointed not to see this. There's also a deep irony in the game developer: without a little ambition, where would this game be?

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On PC, the game won't run. I'm getting the following error: "The code execution cannot proceed because X3DAudio1_7.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix the problem." Any fix?

I found a bug! Calling Richard after asking for an ambulance, I had used up all the responses and the game crashed.