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just uploaded a fix, will be great if you can test sideloading!

I just uploaded a fix, would be great if you can test it!


and we had more ideas such as ascension with ascension credits for upgrades

but if was my first time making a playdate game so most of the time went into learning.

thanks will check it out!

I don`t have the actual device so no way for me to test, but thanks for letting me know!

Thanks! and yup thats how I solved it too when play testing the level for the first time, use the blood as a reference point and move backwards and side ways until you find a new hallway.

hey thats my name on there, what have I done?!?

yeah you can use the numpads to move diagonally as well and numpad5 to skip a turn, I had plans for skills and more but I was learning rust language as I was making this so 7 days wasn't enough for all the ideas 

oh wow thanks for letting us know! 

Thanks a lot, glad you enjoyed it!

should be space

"DIED BY BALL" simulator

Hey im no great game dev but if you willing to put up with it  I'm looking for some music for this jam :D

add me on discord CorporateDoge#5869

after awhile monsters stop spawning :(

oh wow, i remember you from an old jam where you made project home, I got your game recommended me on google play store, how cool is that

not sure if there is one already, but incase there is none I made one: