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Thanks for the reply! This was personally my second jam and also the first one to actually finish! We were struggling to implement the basic gameplay mechanics so unfortunately we had very little time to figure out the ui and few quality of life features but hopefully the game was still playable. I'm glad you liked the atmosphere as we spent quite a bit of time on that as well! 

No problem! The only critique I have is that sometimes the text on the big outside circle got cut out from the top of the screen, but its very minor haha. Good job on the game!

Very cool idea for a game! A lot went into it. Story, art and effects were great! The controls are a bit hard to master but you were able to manage a lot with just two buttons. Great job!

Nice game! I couldn't figure out how to win, which might be the message of the game (can't stop humans from urbanizing everything), but it was an interesting concept! Keep it up!

Fun game! Could use a bit of balance to make it a bit harder but the style and gameplay go well together!

Awesome game! Blew me away how much you were able to get done with just two buttons!

Thanks for the feedback! I was trying to implement something that would have fixed that but I ran out of time.  I'll try to fix it if I come back to this in the future!

Loved this game! Super cute, easy to control, just a great experience!

Love how you changed the music to make it more eerie!

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HI Aguos here

SoI didn't post yesterday but I was able to finish setting up my basic player controller. I'll still add a dash button and a bunch of animations but I want to move onto other stuff for now.

Today I received some temp assets from my team so I added them in to see how its looking so far. Still lots to do and I still have time to work on it tonight for a bit. I think I'm going to start setting up the enemy now but I have to look some stuff up because I'm a huge noob when it comes to AI. How do I even do this???? I've heard good things about navMesh so I'll probably give that a try.

Hey everyone!

So my team and I have spent half the day together working on our first ever game. It's been a lot of fun! We're making a top down 2d game about a mouse trying to find a bean and escaping without being pecked to death by a crazed kiwi bird. I'm taking on the burden of programming most of the gameplay elements and I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm following tutorials and trying to learn as I go but this is completely new territory for me.

REGARDLESS, I've made progress. My character controller is coming along nicely. I'm able to move around and have the camera follow the player character with a bit of delay to smooth it out. I'm in the middle of adding the animation to the inputs and applying the rigidbody2d to the player character. I'll get these things done by the end of tomorrow and then I'll take a look at the AI (oh god... the AI) on Monday.

Things are looking great!!!!