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Hello Again- Just one thing- Frozen Peak is very buggy. I can't save my game on it,  and it Crashes alot- 3 times for me. 


Nice Update! You fixed the unrealistic lengths, and the problem of names not saving. I also love the new lift designs, the new map, and map mode. You even added little trail signs.

The new map is awesome- however, the big peak in the corner starts to lag when you get close, and also, when I loaded my game in that map, the trees were gone. 

I hope I don't rush you and hope you have happy holidays!

Hello again! I am wondering if you will be able to manage the little village also. I have guessed this since the house icon is in the menu.

Speaking of the house icon, when that gets enabled, do you think that we will be able to place warming huts and lodges on the mountain? And would you be able to change your lodge? 

Also, would there be money in the future, and you'd get money from services, lessons, lift tickets or season passes?

Honestly, I think that this game has so much potential. Already with just being able to draw trails, but down 3 types of lifts and allocate workforce, it is as good as other tycoon games. It's not a question of will it be good; it's how awesome will this game be?

The developers have probably thought of all these great ideas, so i'll be sticking around!

Also- do you know the full release date? Where would I get the full game?

Hello again, how much do you think the game will cost upon release? Thank You!

Hello! I am so glad that you added the save game option. Now you can manage your ski resort over multiple days. However, the game gets dull after a few days. To make it more interesting here are some suggestions.

Variety of Lifts- ex. Double, Triple, Quad, Detachable Quad, Detachable Six Pack- Eight Person...etc. 

More realistic Lengths- The lift and trail lengths are really short. For example, the Chairlift is limited to  300 or so meters. That isn't very long!

Features added to trails/lifts- Each run is different, but there are no feature such as race courses, terrain parks, or tree skiing

Change of seasons-  Maybe have summer where the snow melts?

Unlocking stuff- To unlock some new features in the future, maybe you have to get 100 or 500 skiers to get a certain type of Lift.

Trail Map Mode- This might be a wild suggestion, but it would be cool if there was a mode where the computer would generate a map of your ski area.

Those are a couple of suggestions. Just because I have some suggestions doesn't mean I don't like it. It is still a good game. However there are some bug. They don't make me  just want smash my computer but here are some I have noticed

Trail Names- Also you can rename your trails and lifts but I have found a problem. Even if you rename your trails, and then save your game, when you load the game the day after, the trail names don't get saved.

Lifts- The lifts go through rocks and snow, I don't know how this wold be possible.

Thank you!

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Great Game!

I love this game. It's a bit glitchy, but nice.

Some improvements I would like:

-Being able to name your trails and lifts

-Designating terrain parks and race courses

-Naming your resort

-Making Lodges on and off the mountain

Other additions I would like:

-Snow Conditions

-Being able to groom trails, but not having to groom all of them

-Differrent maps area to build your ski area on (Eg. East US, West US, Alps

Some things that i don't like and hope you will improve:

-Trails that should be green are blue, and greens have to almost be flat same goes with should-be blues are reds, etc.

-Sometimes my lifts lag into the snow

-There's a limit of how long you can make your lift

-Also, can you add saving your game (So you could continue what you started yesterday) 

I know you are trying to stop the glitches that start happening at around 2000 skiers

That's All!

Thanks for making the game! You are working hard and I hope the final edition will be much better. After a while i get bored, so please add more!