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Hello again! I am wondering if you will be able to manage the little village also. I have guessed this since the house icon is in the menu.

Speaking of the house icon, when that gets enabled, do you think that we will be able to place warming huts and lodges on the mountain? And would you be able to change your lodge? 

Also, would there be money in the future, and you'd get money from services, lessons, lift tickets or season passes?

Honestly, I think that this game has so much potential. Already with just being able to draw trails, but down 3 types of lifts and allocate workforce, it is as good as other tycoon games. It's not a question of will it be good; it's how awesome will this game be?

The developers have probably thought of all these great ideas, so i'll be sticking around!

Also- do you know the full release date? Where would I get the full game?