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Thanks a lot for your comment fordhamflash! Glad to know you like Snowtopia!

Haha, you're welcome! Have a nice day :)

Ok. I've already seen issues like that. Are you using a mac device ? If you are, then the question you can address the internet is : how to open a mac app from an unidentified developer. Let me know is things get better for you :)

What do you mean ? Did you download the game on your PC ? Did you launch it ? Where are you stuck ?

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That's the plan! Thanks for playing the game and sharing your feedbacks :)

Nicest review ever! Thanks :) Yes, we agree with you and are planning to keep the sandbox mode.

Glad you made it!

Whaaaat...! Why ? I don't know where to start. Tell us what's going on.

Thanks, we'll fix it at the next update :)

Hi! You're the first one to report this issue but we'll definitively keep it in mind. Thanks!

Hi! Could you share a Screenshot so we can have a look at your issue ?

Did you figure it out? There have been a new release, built with a new version of Unity, it may be worth giving it a shot.

Sorry the game crashed :[

The new version will handle a lot more skiers, and there won't be any more trees on the pistes!

The next step for us will be to add some management elements, so the satisfaction part should become clearer. From what I remember, Slalomers are good skiers but enjoy easy slopes. So blue is the best for them but red is ok.

Thanks for playing the game and for the nice feedback :)

Hello :)

Yes, we'll publish the game on Steam. Not now, but in due time. About the problem you encountered, we're working on the next version of the game. I hope we can fix this issue. Thanks for letting us know about this problem :)

What is happening ? Did you contact ? Because I don't think that we can do a lot about the downloading part. Just let us know if you don't find any solution. We'll find a way to send you the alpha.

Hi! There is a lot more content we're planning to add to the game. Hope you enjoyed the alpha so far and see you along the way!

Hi! Thanks for playing the game. See you at the next step when there will be more content in it!

Hi! Thanks for passing by :) Always happy to now the game is working fine for you!

Hi! sorry it didn't work for you. We're working on the next version of the game. We'll make it better so you can play it.

Hi! And thanks for playing the game :)

It seems I messed up somewhere while uploading the build. I'm uploading it again, should be up in about 10 minutes!

Hello, are you on a 32bit or 64bit system? The game is currently built as a 32bit executable, I'll update it to include the 64bit version as well.

Haha, yes, we still have some optimization to make... And we'll do it! Thanks for playing the alpha :)

I saw the video on youtube and added it to our playlist. Thanks! Hope you'll be there when we'll add some content :) Cause yes, this alpha was meant to be a sandbox and we're planning to add management elements. See you then!

Hi! Thanks for playing the alpha :) And yes, we can't wait to add content... There is so much we'd like to implement into the game! This year is going to be fantastic :D

Hi! Thanks for your answers. The holidays have slowed us down considerably but we have a few leads to investigate. We hope to find a solution next week.

Thanks :D We're glad you enjoyed it!!

Thanks for playing the alpha! We can't wait to add more content and gameplay. Hope to see you then!

Hi! Thanks for playing the alpha :) We still have a lot of optimization to make. Freezing issues should be fixed then (well, that's the plan). About tracks not being full enough, I don't now yet what we'll do about it, but your feedback totally make sense and we'll keep it in mind. Last: if your skiers are not happy, did you checked log entries? If you select a skier, you should have a look at it.

Have a great day!


Hi! You can change the controls while launching the game. But yes, zooming and rotating need a mouse with the original configuration.

Well, that's strange... We'll see what we can do (let's hope we can do something about it).

Glad to hear that!

Hi, thanks for asking! To be honest, we will not implement the save option in the alpha version. It requires development time that we prefer to use elsewhere. When the game will be powerful enough to support thousands of skiers, we will reconsider our decision, I promise :)

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That's one of the features we'd like to see in the game too :)

Haha, yes...  We have a lot of improvements to make and to be true... We didn't expect players to host that many skiers in there ski resort. Glad you made it that far!

Yes, you're right, we still have some improvements to make and some content to add. Soon :)

Hi! It's part of the aspects that still need some fixing. Thanks for playing to Snowtopia even thought it's not perfect :) We'll keep working on it!