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Hello! I am so glad that you added the save game option. Now you can manage your ski resort over multiple days. However, the game gets dull after a few days. To make it more interesting here are some suggestions.

Variety of Lifts- ex. Double, Triple, Quad, Detachable Quad, Detachable Six Pack- Eight Person...etc. 

More realistic Lengths- The lift and trail lengths are really short. For example, the Chairlift is limited to  300 or so meters. That isn't very long!

Features added to trails/lifts- Each run is different, but there are no feature such as race courses, terrain parks, or tree skiing

Change of seasons-  Maybe have summer where the snow melts?

Unlocking stuff- To unlock some new features in the future, maybe you have to get 100 or 500 skiers to get a certain type of Lift.

Trail Map Mode- This might be a wild suggestion, but it would be cool if there was a mode where the computer would generate a map of your ski area.

Those are a couple of suggestions. Just because I have some suggestions doesn't mean I don't like it. It is still a good game. However there are some bug. They don't make me  just want smash my computer but here are some I have noticed

Trail Names- Also you can rename your trails and lifts but I have found a problem. Even if you rename your trails, and then save your game, when you load the game the day after, the trail names don't get saved.

Lifts- The lifts go through rocks and snow, I don't know how this wold be possible.

Thank you!

Hi! Thanks for the suggestions and for playing the game :) Except the change of season (Snowtopia is a world of eternal snow), we have plans for all of your expectations. Which is good news! See you then