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Ahahaha I suspected it :D

It’s a fun easter egg

or there is a way to bring the research to fruition before the time runs out.

Yes I know it is always 10 years away, but I’m curious if there is a way to obtain it in game

wow… sorry I haven’t noticed, it is probably better if I redo it from the high quality pdf.

About the booklet for the rules, at the time, it was a hack of Agon; now that the SRD has been released I willl release something more readable with an easier to read sheet :)

I don’t know if it technically counts since the pricetag is only for the interactive sheet but…

one question: how do you get a boon in this game? In Agon you can either fill a constellation (3 stars) or getting some points of fate (up to 3 point)

Reading the rules it seems the only way here is the fate route.

Do you also get a boon when the bleed track reaches a numbered box? (It would make sense since each one is spaced by 3 points, and because it will give a mechanical incentive to the player to contain instead of destroy a SRM, since every containment gives the OPs player an advantage dice)

wow! Also good choice with Alpha (take damage entering) and Omega (take damage on failure) designation. I always need to double check with Epic/Mythic/Sacred, this one is so intuitive

finally!!! Looks amazing

I got it on DTRPG for the POD and... wow.
I have a question about divine favor. Does the honored god has 4maximum divine favor or it's just 2 like the others and I ignore the bottom box?

No complains, you manage to do something original enough to force my jaw to drop ;)
Flavor and mechanics are intertwined

wow, you definitely got my attention... honestly a small scenario to digest the book would help, but wow

oh man... is the cover of the PoD version the one on DTRPG or the one that you have here that looks like a Shin Megami Tensei illustration, cause if it's the second one, it's gorgeous and I'd go to get an extra copy of the printed book :)

Oh no I like it, also because you have removed the insight on 6, and now you have the stress for "normal" situation, just curious if you were planning "sanity" rewards for doing a good job (either reduce Insight, or the stress or Unmark an Anchor)

The other question was about the home scene: you can activate one in play by crossing an Anchor, so I guess the only one that makes sense is "Engage in Self Care", since the others don't involve your Anchor (and the stay on the case one is something you are already doing while playing). Besides that I love it: adding a clock for exposure is genius, we were thinking to do something similar playing CoC and DG to "dump" the failure in rolls that succeed no matter what (like forcing a door, you will succeed but someone will see you)

Love the game. In particular the cover and exposure track.

Question: can destroy the unnatural treat reduce the insight? Like roll a D6 and if it's lower than your current value you reduce insight by one. Cthulhu Dark has a similar mechanics to "repress knowledge"