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Thanks! I posted an update fixing these issues, except for the repair kit one. You're right - changing this would be complicated, and it's not a bug, just an unrealistic feature (that benefits the player).

Also - are you sure that 400 credits was enough to buy common goods at the bugged market? I found the typo that caused this issue, but it required 500, not 400, to buy the goods, and now I'm wondering if I missed something.

I'm glad you enjoyed the game, even if it's really basic compared to Archipelago! (but it also only had about 1/7th of Archipelago's development time).

And yes, please let me know about any bugs you found. I always try to fix any discovered issues with my games, even the older ones.

Thanks for reporting the typos – I fixed them. (Also, with the IfComp judging period over, I'll now try to fix small issues like these ASAP instead of waiting for a big bugfix to post an update ;)

Hi, Passerine! Glad you're enjoying the game! Thanks for reporting the typos – I fixed them.

I'm not planning to add the option of selecting the objective (long story short, with how the procedural generation works in the game, it would be complicated). But there's only 3 main objectives - you've actually seen them all :)

Thanks for your comment! The idea here is that you get bonus EXP for returning the statuette. You can think of it that way: the priests, who wanted it back, mostly stay in the temple and rarely talk to others, and common people weren't that interested in the artifact. But the other (probably bigger) reason is, I wanted to have some variety with quest rewards, so this one gives more EXP, while several other quests where you help the common folks can raise your Renown (I don't know if you've run into them, as sidequests are randomised and you don't see them all in a single playthrough).

Thanks! I fixed this, as well as all the typos/grammar issues from your previous post, and, most importantly, the Arch-lich bug (which affected the "normal" lich as well. Now both enemies die as soon as they've been reduced to 0 HP).

I like your suggestions about the journal and improved dungeon room descriptions - I added that to my notes for a post-comp release.

Fixed that :) (I assume the prices were only wrong if you re-rolled your class in the main menu - they indeed weren't adjusted in that case.)

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That was a bunch of good catches and suggestions! I fixed the issue with the crown - now you have to defeat the enemy before you can grab it. I added a new state to the Journal once the player has seen the Queen's Harp among the merfolks' wares. The link for burning slimed goblins now disappears after you've burned the last of them. I fixed the wording with "one goblin left" too. I didn't change the link text to "burn the last goblin", though - I agree it would sound better, but the link text is pulled straight from the enemy object, so changing this would require a lot of fiddling.

While fixing the Devourer stuff, I also realised another issue - if you escaped from that fight after burning some goblins, then re-entered combat, the number of goblins would be reset back to 5. This is now fixed - once you've burned a goblin, it's gone for good.

Thanks! I fixed both these issues (they were serious enough to justify an update during the Comp). With the golem cores, for a long time you only needed 2 (same as with the other items the sculptor may need). I changed it to 3 at some point, because they are easier to get than soul shards and wyvern teeth, but I missed that one line of the code...

Thanks for letting me know about these issues! I fixed the typos in today's update and changed the Enchanter message to "The Enchanter agreed to help you repair the compass once you've reached 5 renown".

Sorry about the bug and thanks for reporting! It's fixed now.

The game autosaves after you've beaten a boss. You can then load the checkpoint if you get a game over, or if you close the game and return to it later (note, however, that like all Twine games, TTTTTM uses browser storage to save your data, so it won't work in private browsing modes, and saves will be lost if you clear your browser storage!)

There is no way to save in the middle of a level, since this game was inspired by roguelikes.

Thanks for reporting the bugs! I removed the extra "the" and reduced line breaks in mine descriptions to avoid the overlap.

Thanks for catching all these issues! Especially the one with prices. I added the option to re-roll class only at the last minute, on a suggestion from a tester, and forgot to run the code that calculates prices when you do that...  It's working properly now.

I fixed the typos and the gambling test message as well.

You're right about learning spells, there should be a different message once you've learned all of them. I'll look into this in a future update (I'm out of town for the weekend now, working on a borrowed laptop, and the Twine editor lags a lot, unlike on my desktop PC, so I'm leaving bigger changes for later. Luckily, the worst bug, the one with the prices, was a quick and easy fix!)

Thanks! I posted an update which fixes these issues.

Thanks for reporting the issues! Another player also found the Amphitheater bug and the <span> tag at Three Arches, and I've already updated the game to fix that. Are you playing the most recent version?

I'll fix the wisp issue in the next update.

As for the typos, you can simply copy and paste the sentences in question, and I'll locate them using the search function of the Twine editor.

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Thanks for the bug report, I found the issue and I'll fix it in the next update. Also, I'm really glad you're enjoying the game! (edit: I udpated the game, the issue should be fixed now).

Thank you so much for your kind words!

About the difficulty in this game: if you have trouble with early gameplay, you can check How to Play -> Beginner's Tips (from the opening screen or the Journal) for some detailed hints and strategies on how to survive, gain EXP and money.

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Thanks for reporting! With smaller issues like this, as long as the competition is going on, I won't be fixing them immediately (because I don't want my game to have a history of numerous updates on the comp page), but I'll do this as soon as I make the next bigger update.

EDIT: Fixed!

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Thanks for the feedback! I tried to replicate the issue, but couldn't. Does it happen every time you're on the Academy screen, or was it only once? (normally, you should get a brief, randomised description of people, pets etc. you see in the Main Hall in place of "$enteringacademy")

EDIT: I've finally managed to locate and fix the bug with "$enteringacademy" :)

Post any bugs and issues you encounter here – I'll try to fix them ASAP!

The issue was with RoH, I didn't include it in the earlier fix. Sorry about that! It's fixed now and you should be able to continue from the checkpoint.

Do you remember which spells you had? There is a "next turn" button that should appear in this situation, but only if you're actually stuck (i.e. have no spells you can at least try to cast; if you have a spell that will not do anything but can be used, like Negate which the enemy's already affected by, you can cast it with no effect until the disable effect goes away).

Also, are you playing the most recent version of the game? The fix described above was added in one of the updates, if you downloaded the game a while back, it may not be there.

If you are playing the current version, then it's a bug, I'll try to fix it.

Sure - I added a downloadable .zip of the English version.

It was basically the same issue as with the Cancel message, it's fixed now. Thanks for reporting!

Fixed that, too :)

I had a lot of fun with this. Loved the puzzly aspect of the combat and exploration, and figuring out how various enemies/rooms/items work (the ring was by far my favourite power to use). The last part was a bit too grindy  for me - I had to try many times to meet that one goal and since there weren't any more things to buy, gold became useless, and  it felt like I didn't accomplish  a thing on many of my runs. But overall, this was a really nice and addictive little RPG.

Thanks for reporting! I fixed it.

Thanks for the comment! I'm glad you liked the game!

As for the book - Ulysses is the Latin variant of  Odys(seus), so this is simply a small joke which doesn't affect the story in any way (though I guess it's possible Odys would make this joke himself).

Thanks for the comment! 

Things like gathering stories and trading are designed to give a cash boost to a starting character who may be too weak to do some of the more challenging content. I agree there's (almost) no reason not to always do them early if you can. However, if you collect stories from all 16 planets, it means you've also mapped the entire galaxy, and probably encountered some enemies/events on the way. As for shuttling goods between planets - well, first you have to find those market planets. And if you buy and sell all the available goods, you may find it difficult to complete some quests that require these items later (you can find goods through exploration/travel encounters, but it's not as sure and simple as buying them from the market).

Personally, I think a time limit would clash with the "explore at your own pace" nature of the game, but I know it's a matter of taste and that some people would prefer a tighter challenge.

If anything, I believe the game could benefit from more content that would make more strategies possible. While I won't update 4x4 Galaxy any more, I'm working on another project with the same core idea that will have much more content and variety.

I don't plan to add fusions for advanced spells. What I have planned for the next update, though, is spell enhancements - a new type of reward which lets you improve a selected spell in some way - it might be increased accuracy for Fireball, better freezing chance for Freeze, etc. This would allow for further increasing the power of your spell set in the later levels, when you may not want to exchange the spells you have.

Yeah, I think I wrote the part about it being hard to be left without attack spells before adding the Spellsmith, and didn't edit it later.

I now introduced a small change - if you only have one attack spell, and it is an advanced one, the Spellsmith won't use Smelt on you.

Also, smelted spells are restored after you beat the boss (right now it just ends the run, so you can't see it), so Smelt won't affect your chances in the next level.

Regarding Light and how it affects/doesn't affect enemy moves: if an enemy move has "Accuracy" mentioned in the description, it is affected by Light. If it has a "Success rate", it isn't. Some moves have none of those things, which means if the enemy uses them, they will always succeed (Smelt is one of those). It's similar with the spells and enemy moves that reduce accuracy - only offensive spells, which have "Accuracy" in the description, are affected by those.

As for going to the portal early - it most often isn't worth it, as you miss out on rewards, but in my playthroughs I sometimes found it necessary - for example, I only had offensive spells that stronger enemies on a particular level (which appear only in the later rooms) resisted, or I had no healing spell and limited Healing Shards.

About relics - staffs and wands have separate events, all the other relics are in one big pool and two random ones are picked each time you get the relic event. There are no set pairs.

Anyway, thank you very much for your feedback! I'll definitely be making balance changes to existing levels and enemies in the next big update, so it's great to hear from the players about that. (For example, I think I'll reduce the frequency of Crystal Anomaly's shard eating move).

Thanks for reporting the issue - I fixed it so now a "Next Turn" button appears if you're in a situation like  that. Glad you like the game, BTW!

The recent update fixes this bug (and many other issues).

Yes, when fighting the boss, you should come prepared. Try different combinations of spells. If you can (you have a healing spell or enough healing shards), don't head to the boss room as soon as you discover it, instead explore the rest of the level for more rewards.

A more specific hint about the worm boss (I put it behind ROT-13, because it could be considered  a spoiler):

Gur svefg obff unf n zbir gung erfgberf 10 UC naq vapernfrf nggnpx cbjre (guvf nggnpx obahf fgnpxf hc), ohg vg jvyy bayl hfr vg jura vgf UC vf ybj. Fb gel gb hfr ohss/qrohss fcryyf svefg, naq jura gur jbez'f UC vf ybj, sbphf ba nggnpxvat. Be qba'g pnfg ohssf/qrohssf ng nyy naq gel gb birecbjre gur obff dhvpxyl, cersrenoyl jvgu jngre fcryyf gb juvpu vg unf n jrnxarff.

That's a cood catch. I mean, I want discovering different spell fusions to be part of the learning curve of the game, and I was aware sometimes you may end up without attack spells (that's why I included explosive shards & wands in the game, but again, you don't always have these), but I see this can be annoying. For now, I can unfortunately only recommend restarting the game, but I'll adress this in the next update - I'll probably make it so that if you're ever without an attack spell, you immediately get an event which gives you one of the basic ones.

Glad you liked it! And thanks for reporting the bug, so I could fix it for other players :)

Sorry to hear you're having trouble playing the game! I fixed the issue with the code (it was caused by some extra spaces). As for the game not working for you on desktop - do you have cookies enabled in your browser? That's the only thing I can think of - Twine games won't work when cookies are disabled.

Hope that helps!

Cute and weird, loved it, especially the NASA announcements!