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thanks for catching that! The only reason we chose to use C flat instead is for the pun. "Sea flat".

that's perfectly fine! Update as often as you like

Love the 'dice tower' aesthetic! Great work

Can't get enough?

Follow @unenthuser & @kingqyote for updates on TANGLED, the next level-0 funnel in our Old-School Essentials series.

I love this adventure! It's not easy to write something that evokes a specific vibe while staying open-ended enough that any playgroup would feel at home within its gentle restraints. The character and "entity" generators are fantastic as well. I really love all the unique combos.

The way the challenges, complications, and 'game mechanics' are hinted at in the text is genius. Being asked to interpret the difficulty as a collective is a nice touch. The subtle ways the text leads players and GM alike to become game designers is everything. 

It asks you to pay attention - as a Navigator or a Survivor - to connect the tissue of your challenges through roleplay. This is an adventure about your characters and their psyches. You'll constantly be on the lookout for opportunities to develop characters in an introspective meta 'mirror' of your literal play experience irl and in the game.

This game-within-a-game works perfectly for Cast Away and provides a framework with which to utilize any setting, story, mechanic, or other element you wish to include. Use this to play a Troika adventure? Sure! How about a Mork Borg dungeon? Why not?! It also works really well to introduce a longer campaign if that's what you're looking for.

The potential for deep, interesting, and unique game experiences is outlined in a way that caters to the improv GMs, the prep-heavy GMs, and everyone in between. The added "meta" of an imagined world inside your imagined world is the cherry on top. Well done!

Yes!! Love to hear that you had fun with these modules. Hadn't thought about putting zombies into the space station but now that you bring it up, I think that would work really well. Perhaps an infection broke out while your party was riding the elevator up, so they have no idea what they are getting into when they arrive. Sounds fun! So happy you are having a good time.

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This is the sort of collection that demands to be held in print. A truly horrific masterpiece of both adventure design and evocative artwork that will have your players screaming with delight...or at least screaming. 

The Shattered Tunnels is my personal favorite; a standout adventure with haunting enemies, NPCs, and locations. Also, I'm incredibly jealous of the comic book style panels. I can't wait to see what's next in store for this series of misadventures!

I'd love to see this thing printed, and I bet we can convince someone to make a killer cover for it. Submitted mine with bleed to hopefully make that easier on you.

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Thanks so much for supporting our new game, glad you enjoy it!

We're currently working on a pack of scenarios to supplement the game with three different settings and some alternate rules so keep an eye out for that coming ~March. We'll be hosting a jam to create your own scenarios then as well since the system is just perfect for generating survival scenarios. If you have a Discord, we'd love for you to drop into ours and share your homebrew stuff. Also, if you have any more questions we're pretty much always online.

As far as Hunting (Challenges) vs. Contests go, in the vanilla rules your example would play out something like this: Your hunter has bonuses to rolls involving tracking, sneaking up, and attempting to kill their target. As long as there isn't a more direct conflict between the two creatures, the bonuses are still calculated. However, if the initial hunt is unsuccessful and the creature becomes alerted and is actively running away or fighting back, the Contest rolls begin and are an attempt to simulate chaos or luck rather than pure skill. For example: If I'm skilled at Hunting and come across a bear, my skills might go out the window as the creature barrels down on me. At that point, it's less about how well you can track/shoot and more about whether or not one side or the other is lucky in a moment of panic.

That being said: We're releasing some examples in an update soon that adds a bit more depth to combat but mostly encourage you to make it your own. If adding +2 in a combat situation makes sense, go ahead and make it happen :D Just remember, a creature with a D4 against a combatant with a +2 will almost never succeed.  Anyway, we hope this helps clarify some things. Hope you drop in to say hello on Discord!

The perfect number of rooms.

Hello there! I've been hoping to contact someone who could tell me about using The Support Flower as a 3rd party. Ever since seeing it implemented in Thousand Year Old Vampire I have been interested in somehow including this wonderful safety aid in my own game. Could you please reach out to and let me know if this is a possibility? Thank you! 

Is there anything PJR can't do? This music-inspired Mork Borg adventure oozes with flavor. Can your party of scum make it to the end? Only one way to find out...

This adventure easily stands out as one of the most haunting and beautiful stories to emerge from the Mork Borg Album Crawl. Well done StregaFlora <3

Unleash absolute carnage with this simple to run, high-tension horror show. 

You matched the aesthetic of Mork Borg perfectly! Great artwork, fantastic concept, brilliant execution.

There's a little bit of Cannibal Cook in all of us.  Looking for a new class for Mork Borg? The art, the writing, the layout... *chef's kiss*  It's to die for.

We know a thing or two about eating your friends here at Afterthought. We couldn't think of a better way to celebrate the joy of exquisite delicacies than by Making Friends and Eating People. Well done <3

Picked up a physical copy through Spearwitch. The book looks & feels great! So easy to prepare a game and get started. My regular play group is excited to jump into a new world that's just  ripe for adventuring.

Mausritter meets Mork Borg. A match made in the pits of Hell. Terrific work as always <3

The mini-zine is difficult to master but Jacob has perfected the art with this one. Checkmork is an instant classic <3

Quickly rising to the top of Itch's 'physical games' category, Ouroboros is the perfect addition to everyone's Mork Borg campaign. Mystery, pirates, mermen, and more! All packaged in a beautiful presentation. I can't wait to see what else Chalkdown releases.

Disembodied skulls are a classic made even better by Owen McG. Introduce Boni into your Mork Borg campaign right away.

This is one of the best 3rd party supplements available for Mork Borg, hands down!

This is exactly the kind of collection I'd love to see printed into a deck of cards <3

The presentation is beautiful and the writing fits in perfectly with the type of extraordinary spheres you might explore in Troika!

This looks fantastic! It's like the comforting Yang to our camping-goes-wrong Yin. Very well done 🏕