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Not the biggest fan of how rng-dependant the game is at this stage. I feel like reloading saves is a necessity when beginning zones, and it starts feeling very grind-heavy (not the sexy kind).

I feel that increasing the chance of fleeing each time you attempt to flee would be good, as this gives the player more control over the enemy encounter rng vs. player power scaling.  Also gives chance for better planning for potions without having to load save. 

Giving enemies an attack pattern, and/or a telegraph of their next attack, would help it feel more strategic instead of a roll of the dice all the time.

I also feel that defending should recharge an extra AP point as this increases the viability of AP moves and makes defending more versatile in encounters.

I'm interested to see how this game progresses and seeing more dialog interactions with peeps, as well as if there's more dynamic character growth/change scenes than the repeated dialog when leveling up and consuming enemies.

Noice, that worked for me too

Unfortunately it does not work still in the new patch. Is there like a game log I can send you for debug info?

Nah, just a short screen freeze and then it resumes with no skill selection

Leveling up doesn't seem to do anything except make the screen freeze for a second. Dunno if that's cause it's unimplemented yet or not.

I believe it is already, check the dev log

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Oh bee, oh boy! I can't wait to play my favourite game Korbo's Journey! It has the coolest character Beyondsquire in it

You can check through the dev log and see (btw, it's only up to day 11)

Beautifully crafted game, from the art to the music and the story. Even the combat feels good once you get used to it. Was hoping there was an easter egg when defeating the final boss while drunk, but as it'll be extremely hard without debug mode, I can see why there wasn't one.

Best of luck to your leg's menstrual cycle. Hope it decides to be a leg again and not a uterus wannabe

Dayum. Dem peeps have like zero inhibitions, Day 1 of meeting and right to f***ing. I love it, but also very jarring.

Getting Faith's reward multiple times does not seem to increase it's displayed effects. Not sure if it's just a visual bug or if it actually does not increase. 

Super exited to meet this new character tho~ HYPE!

Every now and again, there's some text that doesn't wrap and get's cut off.  Though I'm really enjoying the new update so far!

Found a bug when you try walking back after teleporting back to main camp after saving kuno from the river and resting with the trio. It repeats the same recap sequence when you first head south. You also can't walk back to camp from the jungle area, only teleport within this section.

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Can't update to hotfix 0.201. Directs me to the 0.122a version. (this is on the pc app.)

*Urge to date all of them intensifies*  Oh boy, here we go again...

Great game so far, characters are quite interesting and the story narrative has gotten me curious. Also, the character portraits are very sexy - kudos to the artist. Looking forward to see how this progresses

A certain scarecrow that requires treats from a home in the land of feasts. Where the beast would sleep, lies what you seek.

Aw man, was looking forward to dodoro being romance-able. Still, a great little secret quest to an already great game!

After you do the contest, you can chat to all the participants about the results/winner

"Talk: Training" Refers to the Training contest available from Rhot after completing "The LIzard's Treasure" Event. Once you Talk to Rhot you'll be able to go to a new level of the Misty abyss when you head to it for the contest.

I found a weird and wild bug that let me trigger Leons Infiltration event on day 18 (during the day even), before the noticeboard event that's meant to happen on day 20. It also did the Daz event on day 18 during the day as well. Now Leon isn't showing up at the station and I can't romance anyone else.

Alpha Badge is in the red postbox near the bar

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Hey! I really am enjoying your story and characters so far! 

Them entitled peeps don't deserve taking up your mental space. As far as I know, you do not have any obligations to anyone besides yourself for this project. Take your time and prioritise your own health and well-being first.

It's a big project to tackle with a single person, especially as a non-funded hobby project that your trying to manage while having a life outside of it.

You've done an amazing job so far despite how much your juggling. And I look forward to what you can do when you when you are feeling supported and excited to work on this to-be masterpiece~

lol, here's my much less attractive map I make when I did this the first time

Thanks for the reply! Though I already went back to a previous save, unfortunately. It would be nice if there was a clearer indication for the position reset, or a save point right before the puzzle room just in case.

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Rip Progress

I seemed to have soft locked myself...

Thank you for the delicious content Sombreve and Voidlesky~ <3

Wait a sec, found it. There was a staircase in Balora Town in the northeast corner.

Hmm, I seem to be stuck on "Search for the next artefact" in Femura. Not sure what I'm meant to be doing. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thx~

Haha, love the cosplay artwork ~ <3

Yeah, I know... Though it's 40 days behind :(

AHHH! I miss-clicked the nameless choice and now I can't change it! I loved the initial feeling of dread seeing I couldn't change the choice, but now this is gonna irritate me to no end. I love/hate this so much...

Hey Leopold Visette, 

Thanks for being so responsive to the comments so far! I have a couple more bugs to point out:

Companions will occasionally attack already downed enemies when versing multiple of them

The Lightning Strike spell's in combat text displays as  wind damage ("You manifest a small cyclone that damages the enemy for 19 wind damage")

Thanks again, I'll keep you posted on more bugs I find

The LP didn't noticably change after resting at the brothel or the inn. Though it did empty after resting in the tent

I'm not sure if this is intentional, but the beer and the red goo do not get consumed when used. It essentially lets you heal your health and mana indefinitely.

Is there any way to reduce companions' lust points?

Hey, thanks for sharing your experience with finding music as an indie dev. I'm sure this information will be huge for people struggling in this area as well.