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[AFK] Mario Carballo

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This is the first time in a while I'm cought up in the devlog, what a pleasure it has been reading it all.

It also has inspired me to continue mine, great job on the dolphin's cutscene I agree those special moments are an important part, and worth the effort.

Thanks for playing! loved the Playthrough

I think the multiplayer menu is by default on PICO-8 (The tool we use to create the game) but we don't support it sorry :(

You can press UP+Z to swap the jump and lick buttons, if it worked you should hear a sound confirming it.

You are in luck we are working on a sequel for Playdate :), you can learn more at our devlog

It's for people who don't have PICO-8 and want a stand alone executable

Thanks for playing !

oh no :(

It should be the same version! if it's not let us know :)

Glad you like the game! thanks for playing. You can follow the progress on the sequel following us in Twitter

We are currently working on the sequel to this game for Playdate

You can follow the development on our devlog.

And a youtube video recently made a breakdown on how much a PICO-8 game makes. We shared our data for the video so you can check it out how much we have made there.

No problem thanks!

Done :)! let me know if it works for you

Sure let me dig the file and I will add it to the downloads :)


Thanks for the report, will try to fix it as soon I have some free time

thanks for the screenshot! It's a long standing bug, will try to fix it as soon as there is some time :)

No worries! thanks for letting me know :)

Should be fixed now! sorry for the confusion

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Should be fixed now! sorry for the confusion

Shouldn't be the case let me check how I can add the downloadable version to the bundle!

Updated thanks !

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Oh no! let me look at what can be done, you progress should be saved though and after Simon there is a second secret character you can unlock :)

You need to pay a minimum of $2 USD to be able to download the game. If you did and are still unable to download the game, let me know and will look what can be done.

She lost a different god! But I'm sure the dog is OK :) the dog that follows you around is because he likes you, or your candy ...

So glad you liked it :) thanks!


PICO-8 + spooky filter

Hey bro thanks!

Thanks! so happy you enjoyed the game :)

Hello! couldn't find any info on the license for this tool but I'm using it for minifying my cart and wanted a way to run this from my computer so I did this

Mainly what I did is to use the minify  function and read a file from the CLI and write the file back, I also split the code into some functions to understand it better and applied some code style rules. Let me know if you have any comments or would like me to change something, or take it down.

Thanks for building this tool!

Glad you are still playing, we just pushed an update with the line count on the side :)

Love the presentation and It manages to make you feel how it could be to be out of control of your life, loved the game

I loved the art style !

I don't think he has one but if you want to contact him best options is trough Twitter :)

Love the general presentation and the art is beautiful!

Ah that one was hand made by