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I added a bugfix for the display scale issues. I'll be interested if it works now on the chromebook. Thank you for playing!

ah, that's good to know though! that means there's some resolution issue for chromebooks i'll have to look into. Thanks!

could I get a screenshot of what that looks like? You can also try adjusting the display scale (on Windows right-clicking the desktop and selecting display options). Thanks!

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Try making the window bigger or full screening. There is also an existing bug  with the display scale. For windows if you make sure the display scale in display settings is set to 100% and refreshing the game, that should address any weird cropping. I'll try and revisit that specific display scale bug soon.

oh wow, I hope they are okay and alright.

Nice job, congrats!

Thanks, glad you got the hang of it!

thanks, glad it could help despite the brevity :)

Thanks, that's some good feedback! Stay tuned for a post compo version 👀 (where I also try and fix all the bugs I ignored haha).

oh yeah, there was some finicky-ness to the tile UI that I ended up not addressing fully, but good to note. I think this game was a good test case of how controls and UI really really matter for (perhaps unsurprisingly) a weird control game. thanks again!

Thanks, I updated the game so Curly does one-tile turns, it might feel faster that way.


Thanks Tsun! That's a pretty good idea. It's interesting how sokoban can be applied in so many cases in different games, I think sometimes I try to avoid it. Maybe if I make a Curly 2 perhaps haha.  I do wonder if I can make the controls a bit easier, I do have an option to make it more like RC car controls where left and right will make you rotate, but I think it lends itself too much to wanting to move in either a circle or straight for a long time. If it was a puzzle game though, I might be able to do something like in A Monster's Expedition where the inputs are buffered and you can just go really fast. Anyway I think it's still somewhat of an unsolved issue there that I may do more experiments with at some point.


I could see the rooms staying a bit asymmetrical, it was nice to know "phew I'll be safer in this room" or for example the hallway "oh man I hope the monster is not at the other end of this."

Item clunkiness could potentially be used as a variable, like "ah this item is really important but its unwieldy and ahh the monster is after me" feeling, but yeah!

Here's a participant's badge for the jam!

The dog is so cute! Really like the expressions for of Gwim and Saja. The soul designs are interesting too. I really wanted to see what was in the area I get turned back from, haha. I also kind of wanted to explore the map that didn't have any clear borders, though getting to next areas seemed to be more specific tiles that were on the path. Anyway nice job!

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Very cool! I played through and kept getting medium endings, so I looked at the walkthrough for the best ending. I think I didn't keep watching so I kept missing the best ending. The easter egg ending was very interesting. I liked the character and environment art with all the lore. Nice job!

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It took me awhile, but I beat it! The random ingredients for the summons kept it pretty fresh. I ended up making a base in the library are since that part of the room was relatively well covered and and would bring mats over for the circles. At first I thought the monster being in the same room would kill me immediately, but it is the light that kills me, so there were a couple lucky times where I would be behind something. Sometimes I wish I could fit between some things, like some of those chairs in the fireplace room and sometimes got stuck trying to enter that lower part of the library inner area. Getting stuck on the items was also somewhat of a concern, but usually I could just pick it up then. I like how after you're able to defeat the monster it still tries and bothers you haha. Nice job!

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Pretty easy to figure out what to do and start! It was fun figuring out where the controls were and to see what it would do. It's an interesting mix of arcade, management, and exploration. I could see a minimap or so telling who how was coming in or a timer to let the player know when the day was over. Could see it structured in sort of a tower defense sort of way where there's a scare goal for that round, and you can add more scares or pathways to the level. Very cool, nice job!

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Very nice environments and I wandered around for a while! It was a bit laggy and easy-ish to get lost, but I think I ran into a torch puzzle(?) and a spinny crank though not sure what they did. I also had one of the cultists go away on the top level, but not sure what that meant. Sometimes I would see an "E to interact" but I wasn't sure what I was interacting with. Overall, I enjoyed the atmosphere of the game and wanted to know what was behind those golden doors in the main room. Nice job!

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I think I turned off all the correct TVs, not including the ones that turned off already, but then I wasn't sure what to do. Nice tension! Could see moments where you think its a tv to turn off but it's actually a tv guy. anyway nice job!

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I solved all the puzzles! Had to refresh for the 12x12 until it gave a correct puzzle.

Interesting how I could start to see some patterns (adjacent tiles should at most be two veggies, seeing vertical lines of veggies, etc). It'll be interesting to try and get unique solutions, perhaps more rulesets? Some stuff I've seen is making sure knights L space away can't match, or maybe there can only be certain number per row or column? Anyway, very cool, nice job! 

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I played til wave 50! Interesting that you also had to level up along with the waves, and that the scarecrows prevented you from just idling. The extractors were interesting as you could put as many of them down, but then you would hit the crop limit, which you would still need for HP. Could see strategies that try and get around that (maybe something that can kill the scarecrow?) and introducing new things that then you can upgrade to try and automate. Nice job!

Here is a participant's badge for the jam! 

Nice job on figuring on the visual novel engine and making a game!

I played through the different characters, there's quite a lot of content!

I did run into repeating text sometimes, and I got stuck in a loop with Tamara trying to measure the nutmeg. 

I could see something where you focused on one character and did some branching other than having 4 separate lines, and had more granular interactions? Anyway that's just a thought, nice job!

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Hi everyone, 

We have around two more days for the Halloween Jam! Hope everyone is making good progress! As a heads up, please submit a playthrough of your jam game for our showcase coming Saturday on 10/24 7pm. This will make it easier to talk about your game if you want during the showcase.

Here is the form:

You should be able to resubmit as well if you have any updates to your playthrough vid, so feel free to submit something more work in progress if you're still jamming away.

Again, let us know here or on Discord if there are any questions. Thanks!

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Hi everyone,

Hope jammers are having fun! We wanted to give the opportunity for people to show off art and games that don't have to be from the jam during our showcase on Saturday and give some tips on recording gameplay.

Bit Bridge Halloween Art and Trailer Showcase

Here is a link to the form:

You can upload art and/or game trailers here (please no game playthroughs). Please note due the file upload process you will need a Google account - please let us know if you have any problems submitting anything. The art can be jam related or not, but for videos please only upload a game trailer or a short video not related to the game jam: we will have a separate form for videos for Halloween Jam games for the showcase later in the week!

Recording Tips

If you've never recorded anything here are some helpful links.

For video and capturing gameplay footage, we are recommending OBS Studio as the most straight forward method.

Here are some guides to get you started:

If you're ever interested in making short gifs of your game for social media and the like, I would recommend Screen2Gif:

They have a helpful how-to-use guide on their website:

Please let me or any admin on Discord or here know if you have any questions. Thanks everyone and thanks all jammers!

Hi everyone,

If people are still looking for a team, or not sure about how much they can get done, check these game engines out: 

Yes, I've been using it through Haxe with Haxeflixel for a while now.

thanks for the let's play!

pretty good space pigeon!

I didn't know the controls at first but figured it out after pressing randomly. I collected all the eggs/friends!

Cute! I grew some plants.

haha, this was great.  Loved the joke at the end.

Thanks Ace! This game is just a prototype and I don't have too much time on my hands so I'll have to decline, but thanks for asking! Best of luck on your video project!