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Here is your participant's badge for the jam!

Very cool! I played through and kept getting medium endings, so I looked at the walkthrough for the best ending. I think I didn't keep watching so I kept missing the best ending. The easter egg ending was very interesting. I liked the character and environment art with all the lore. Nice job!

Oh no! I think maybe I could do more to telegraph the right answer with that particular question or alter the point range for it. Since it follows her getting offended about being fussed at, it's a bit of mixed messaging that I've been worried about! I'll go back in and have a look, make sure it's more cohesive or that the distinction is better explained.

(Although to be honest I'm also a bit relieved that the medium ending is still accessible, as I had some worries the point range might be too fiddly!) 

Thank you so much for giving my game a go, it really means a lot that you kindly read all that stuff! And thank you so much for the sweet badge!