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Here's your participant's badge for the jam!

It took me awhile, but I beat it! The random ingredients for the summons kept it pretty fresh. I ended up making a base in the library are since that part of the room was relatively well covered and and would bring mats over for the circles. At first I thought the monster being in the same room would kill me immediately, but it is the light that kills me, so there were a couple lucky times where I would be behind something. Sometimes I wish I could fit between some things, like some of those chairs in the fireplace room and sometimes got stuck trying to enter that lower part of the library inner area. Getting stuck on the items was also somewhat of a concern, but usually I could just pick it up then. I like how after you're able to defeat the monster it still tries and bothers you haha. Nice job!

Thanks for playing, and that's awesome that you were able to get through, haha :D

We were glad to be able to build the little algorithm to have a controlled randomization of the ritual recipes and the ingredients that were spawned in the house. Being able to play through more than one time was something that we thought was important for a small game of this type.

And yeah, the environment and the monster mechanics, because they were created simultaneously and building off of each other over the course of the jam, there ended up being some portions of the house that were less prone to monster navigation. Moving forward, we could spend some time making parts of the environment more uniform (both in size/shape and in their distribution in the rooms) to meld better with the gameplay.

The items definitely need a pass on how they feel in the world. At first they were modeled after larger world objects that would make sense to have a kind of heavy feel to them, but then we never got back around to cleaning those up. Spending some time to make them noticeable and have some affordance that they can be picked up, while also making them less of a hassle to move around, could help a bunch.


I could see the rooms staying a bit asymmetrical, it was nice to know "phew I'll be safer in this room" or for example the hallway "oh man I hope the monster is not at the other end of this."

Item clunkiness could potentially be used as a variable, like "ah this item is really important but its unwieldy and ahh the monster is after me" feeling, but yeah!

Ah yeah, those are some nice ideas to play around with! We will have to play around with that a bit when we pick this up again :D

Thanks again!