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Absolutely! Go for it

Yes it is. Go for it

Oh woww that looks great! Love how the wizard is using a gameboy to cast 

Thanks for trying it out! We already patched out the bugs and i hope you will stick around for the whole thing!

you got it

I can't tell how much we appreciate the kind words and we are incredibly sorry for the frame drop. We patched out the bugs and already have a build ready to upload as soon as the voting ends. I hope you will stick around to see the final product

We also fixed the leaderboard bug! We will upload the patch as soon as we can

Love the ramps and the game has a solid aesthetic

A game about sushis? sign me up! Pretty neat gameplay and I love the models and the creativity!

Thank you! that honestly means a lot to us


Thanks! and I think the font is Quicksand :

Hey joblea, 

I have sent you an email at

Hey everyone!

We are currently looking for pixel artists at Studio Cloud Grey, and we have 2 openings. 

Studio Cloud Grey is a collaboration between creative individuals from around the world. We are hoping to find passionate individuals with a knack for all things video games.


  • Create pixel art assets, including characters, environments, objects, and animations, that align with the project's visual style and requirements.
  • Collaborate closely with the art director, designers, and developers to ensure pixel art assets integrate seamlessly into the project.
  • Iterate on pixel art designs based on feedback to achieve the desired visual quality.
  • Maintain consistency in pixel art style and adapt designs as needed to accommodate different resolutions and platforms.


  • Proven experience as a pixel artist with a strong portfolio showcasing various pixel art styles and projects.
  • Proficiency in pixel art software and tools (e.g., Aseprite, Photoshop, GraphicsGale).
  • Solid understanding of color theory, composition, and visual storytelling.
  • Ability to create pixel art assets that convey emotion, movement, and depth.
  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills, especially in a remote work environment.
  • Strong organizational skills to manage and prioritize tasks effectively.
  • Self-motivated and able to work independently while meeting deadlines.
  • Knowledge of game development pipelines and constraints is a plus.
  • Knowledge on Tilesets, Sprite sheet animation and pixel terrain preferred.

This will be a paid position and compensation details will be provided. 

If you are interested then reply to this post or shoot us an email on 

Heyy, thank you so much for the feedback! We are huge fans of Hollow Knight and just wanted to make a game from the other perspective. We had very little time to make this and yes the gameplay mechanic definitely needs a lot of work, and we are already in the process of fixing the bugs and the feel of the game. Reskinning the characters is definitely something we can do, and we have plans of doing it!. 

Your feedback has honestly been incredible and we hope you like the finished product! Please feel free to leave any additional feedback that you may have!

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Hey I am one of the guys who made this. Thanks for giving the game a try, we honestly had around 22 hours to make this from the ground up and really appreciate the feedback!.
As for the assets, none of it was ripped or copied, I drew and animated them myself; Yes they are based on the Hollow Knight game and characters but they weren't ripped. Upon seeing the theme,  the idea of reversing Hollow Knight, as The Hollow Knight, was something we loved and just wanted to make it. Our goal was not to 'plagiarize' but to simply make something for fun and in a way pay homage to the great game. 
As for it being valid submission, it is honestly up to the organizers of the jam. There are many submissions that has reversed an existing game and they have all been incredibly creative and fun. At the end of the day if the organizers invalidate this then oh well, in the little time we had to make this, we had fun with it. 
The game mechanics definitely need some work to it. We are planning on  completing it, fixing the bugs and add some additional features to create this into a standalone fan game. 

Regardless, thanks for the trying out the game and leaving your feedback, we hope you like the finished product!

P.S: I did have to recreate the art as I used skeletal animations to animate, but I am quite happy that you think its good enough to have been copied straight from the game hahah.

Love the animation and the base mechanics. I hope you stick to it to finish!

Big fan of tower defense games and defending the dragon was an interesting idea! Good job!

Oh wow, thanks for the tip! Gonna add that now, really appreciate it

Hey everyone, 

We are looking for a 2D Artist to make characters and character animations (sprite sheets) for our game. We are called Studio Cloud Grey ( and we are making a game called Rise of Desdemona, we have the tiles and environmental assets but we need character animations. 

We have big plans to move forward as a studio and we appreciate creative individuals who wish to grow with us. 

Feel free to reach out to me here or on my discord: muteman#1164

P.S. Here is our character so far. 

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Sorry about that, here is the link:

The incentive we would provide for creators is our marketing. We will sell it on Itch, gumroad, and our own site but we will incentivize creators with higher traffic. I would be more then happy to explain further if you are interested!

Hey everyone! 

I am currently looking for 2D asset pack makers to join a venture: Showcase by Studio Cloud Grey.  I am currently a Co-Founder of Studio Cloud Grey ( and we are starting a second venture called Showcase where we highlight and sell 2D asset packs. The kicker? You do what you love doing and we handle the boring stuff. 

If you are a 2D artist or Asset Pack maker then feel free to reach out to me and we can discuss a potential collaboration. 

Super glad to hear that! we will keep you posted for new updates

Well, the damage spells damage the enemies, while the environment cards add environment cards to help you on the mission!

Check it out right now because we fixed a lot more stuff!

Glad you liked our game!

Check it out right now because we fixed a lot more stuff!


We are currently looking for a 2D artist who is interested in joining a studio. We are currently a 5-person group, and we have an active project every month! We are focusing on doing game jams but will soon move to commercial titles and debut games. If you are someone who loves doing game art or even someone who wants to join a community to actively participate in jams and games, then hit me up! 

Beginner artists are more then welcome and currently we have:

- 1 Level designer

-3 Developers (including myself)

-1 Sound and Music artist.

You can message me here or on discord: muteman#1164

many souls perished playing that game

how did you lose them in the first place man

you are the gay guy

That is the common reaction. Appreciate it <3 <3 

Happy to help

Honestly, a very fun game and I can see this turning into a mobile game! Keep up the good work. The controls are very responsive and simple so goo job.

Glad to hear that, I would love to check it out thank you!

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Hey everyone!

I am looking for an artist that can make concept art for a project that I am working on. It is *potentially* paid work, as in you will get paid after the project has finished. I am attaching an example below, so if this is something you are good at and would love to work on a project then hit me up on discord at adwitr#1164 or here. 

P.S; We are looking for something better then the one below, it just something I tried to make to set an idea of what we are looking for. 

The art on the game looks amazing and so glad to hear that my art made it in as well. Thank you for the mention, I am downloading it right now

You can use any image editing software to split them up and save them individually, but yeah if you are using Unity then you can split them on the engine and use them separately. 

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Yes, you can. Feel free to drop a link to the project too, I would love to check it out!

a man of culture indeed

I have watched it and it's pretty good. Good stuff mate.

I will definitely give that a look