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Yup theres always room for a better game design.

Hey guys!

So I am looking for a pixel artist willing to help me and a couple of friends out for a project. If you want the credit and a fun group of people (i hope ._.) to work with then hit me up on this post or at discord: adwitr #1164. 

Little overview: The art design for the game is very much inspired by Japanese culture. If you are someone who loves drawing game art and japanese culture then this should be right up your alley. And we have an opening for a permanent member of our group so if you like it, then you are welcomed to stay.

This is what we have so far


damn long commutes stress me out. I am from Bangladesh xD

also if you need help with making a health pack for your game then you can always hit me up! Always looking for new people to work with

discord: adwitr#1164

Ahhhhhh so Holland 

Hahaha thank you. Feel free to use it wherever you want to!

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Praying for the amazon. Hows the situation now?

Thanks K <3 Appreciate you for being our biggest fan

Hey guys

I am looking for an pixel artist to team up with! If anyone's interested then hit me up

Thank for playing it man. Really appreciate the feedback! :D

thanks man.

sorry about that. Forgot to remove that water completely :P

Thanks for playing though. and for the feedback

hahaha sadly that escaped my mind completely. I tired to incorporate the limitation by not touching the water bullets in the boss battle :p.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing. yeahhh i just realised that. Will fix it asap.

thanks for being my only fan k <3

Thanks! appreciate it :D

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Check it out:

Oh just like a shoutout. I opened an indie game shoutout page

Absolutely loved your game. Like you took the cast of gangbeasts shopping lol. Would you mind if I upload a screenshot of your game on my instagram page?

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Hey loved your game! Would you mind if I posted a screenshot of your game on my instagram page?

Thanks K appreciate it <3 

Yeah we are working on the detection mechanics. Thank you for the feedback. We will send you a link when we have the next update ready.

Thank you for the feedback. We are working on adding the sound soon. We will send you a link when we roll out the update.
Thanks for playing!

yup its completely free

a pretty fun game. Good job!

Thanks for the reply man. I have messaged you on discord

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Hey guys!

So we are currently looking for an artist who can be a full-time member of our developing team. We are currently working on 2D platformer on Unity and we don't really have an artist for the job. Any level of art skill is welcomed and hopefully we can create something fun and interesting.
The art style will be something similar to Limbo and Inside. If you want a sneak peak to a bit of the story then heres the link to a script:
If you are interested then please feel free to hit me up on discord: adwitr #1164 or instagram: adwitr

Hey Nanabee

If you are free then you can collaborate on a small project with me. My discord is adwitr#1134

Heyy  guys!
We are looking for a pixel artist to work with us on a small project. I am a construct 2 developer but my art skills are not that good. The project will possibly come with payment, so if you are looking to make a quick buck then hit me up on my discord or here.
Discord: adwitr#1134


Your game sounds pretty interesting and I would to test it. Please DM me the details.

discord: adwitr#1164

I am limiting the menu to only the options. Thank you so much for the feedback.  Highly appreciate it

Yeah I agree. Thanks for the feedback!

I guess you are right. I wouldn't want the first thing players see is the exit button. I guess I was trying to do something different than a traditional menu. Thank for the feedback.. Highly appreciate it

Yeah I can do something like that. Thanks man !

Hey guys!

I was wondering about this while working on my upcoming game, what type of home screen do I go with. 

So initially I thought of a simple menu, you know, the ones with a big button that says "START" followed by "OPTIONS". I thought that to be to basic so I scrapped that for an interactive game menu. I will add screenshots so you guys can tell me how is it.

If there's any menu you like from any game then please leave it below. Pretty confused about this so the feedback would help

Thanks guys!


I am a citizen of Bangladesh, living and studying in Canada. I want to fill out the tax interview but I am kinda intimidated by the whole thing. Can someone explain to me the procedure and whether or not I should fill it out any differently? Thanks in advance.

P.S: I do not own anything in the USA neither have I ever been to USA. 

You can use it wherever you want!

The defibrillator is to automate the pumping and I am looking into the the adrenaline problem. Regardless, thanks for the feedback bro. Highly appreciate it.