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I'm an English to French translator looking to work on more games - French is my mother tongue.
Recent work includes Friary Road for humble grove ( ) and most publications on 

I'm especially interested in games where the text is important, but I can work for smaller amounts of text too. My favourite genres would be realistic fiction, autobiography works, fantasy/fantastical stuff, but I can do other genres. I love works that don't fit the traditional definition of games so these are welcome too!
I'm currently not interested in NSFW, violence/gore, and some poetry depending on complexity.

My usual rates are between 0,09 and 0,12€ per word (approx. 0,10 - 0,14$ or 0,08 - 0,11Β£), depending mostly on text complexity, my familiarity with the genre and subject, etc.

Feel free to hit me up with any questions! :)

The size limit can be lifted if you want, you just need to get in touch with the itchio team - that's what I did for Fallensteel :)

Thank you!

Hi, it's a student project and it will remain as a prototype, we're not working together anymore. So that's all there is to see!

Merci!! :D

Thanks! We aren't, but now I wish we were! :o

Thank you! That's @OxyOxspring's work! ✨

Sorry, custom keybinding wasn't implemented as it's a prototype build over a limited amount of time.

Hi, thanks for mentionning!
I'll send the message to our programmers to see if they can help.

This was really lovely :) I really enjoy your Twines, keep up, they're great <3