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Hi! There were never any servers. This is a demo we made for our diploma, it can only be played in LAN!

Thank you!
Unfortunately it's just the team's graduation game, so we stopped working on the game several years ago and won't be continuing it


I'm an English to French translator looking to work on more games - French is my mother tongue.
Recent work includes Friary Road for humble grove ( ) and most publications on 

I'm especially interested in games where the text is important, but I can work for smaller amounts of text too. My favourite genres would be realistic fiction, autobiography works, fantasy/fantastical stuff, but I can do other genres. I love works that don't fit the traditional definition of games so these are welcome too!
I'm currently not interested in NSFW, violence/gore, and some poetry depending on complexity.

My usual rates are between 0,09 and 0,12€ per word (approx. 0,10 - 0,14$ or 0,08 - 0,11£), depending mostly on text complexity, my familiarity with the genre and subject, etc.

Feel free to hit me up with any questions! :)

The size limit can be lifted if you want, you just need to get in touch with the itchio team - that's what I did for Fallensteel :)

Thank you!

Hi, it's a student project and it will remain as a prototype, we're not working together anymore. So that's all there is to see!

Merci!! :D

Thanks! We aren't, but now I wish we were! :o

Thank you! That's @OxyOxspring's work! ✨

Sorry, custom keybinding wasn't implemented as it's a prototype build over a limited amount of time.

Hi, thanks for mentionning!
I'll send the message to our programmers to see if they can help.

This was really lovely :) I really enjoy your Twines, keep up, they're great <3