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Join the Deep Space Armed Response Team today! Fight your way through 15 missions, unlock over a dozen ships and upgrades. Protect space from 3 different enemy factions, battle boss ships and evade deadly Ion storms. 

Free to play Top down space shooter D-A-R-T Beta Release 0.1! Out Now!

Ohhhh Gheeeszzzz, Ole School, i feel ive let my fan down :( Im going to work right now on a fix for some game breaking bugs at least! I've been working on so many other things i've neglected my giant beast of a baby game.

Hello to all!

After some troubles with my old computer i have finnaly been able to recover the master files for Ole School and begin working on it again. My focuse is to finish what i've started in terms of story and stop getting distracted by adding new features and zones, ohh how i love to get distracted building zones! Im aiming to be ready for release by christmas but expect a few patches before then to adress various issues. If you find anything particularly game breaking please let me know and i will fix it in the next patch

thanks for the bug report I will fix as soon as my home PC is working again

shes a little tricky to find her, shes pink unlike other ghosts in the area. My computer has died so its been a while since ive worked on it, in theory I'd like to release by new year, should be updates before then hopefully

thanks for the feed back. The ring will drop off the ghost of granny, she's in the graveyard, its not an inventory item so just go back and talk to her when done

Ole School community · Created a new topic Feedback Thread

Hey, i hope your enjoying my project! Its very much still in active development so any feedback or bugs you'd like to tell me about this is the place to do it!

Thanks for Playing!

The equipment you wear will mostly determine what abilities you have access to. All weapons give abilities and some armours do as well, commonly chest pieces and accesories, sometimes gloves or hats will also grant new abilities for the wearer.

There are 4 classes Mage, Priest, Warrior, Rouge. Most weapon types can be used by multiple classes except swords and bows which can only be used by warriors and rouges respectivley. Warriors are also able to use shields as armour. The player is a 5th class Hero which allows them to wear and use any type of equipment found in game.

Equipment can be customized by creating adornments of various types at the crafting station in your home. Upgrades cannot be removed from an item once attached.

Currently you can have 4 party members in battle, but you can have as many party members in your group as you want, so setting up your team properly for the battle ahead is of the utmost importance

A question we all ask ourselves from time to time. Ole School takes place in a 2D world, we as the player are viewing this world from above so we know what everything and everyone looks like. The residents of this world only have there imaginations to go on when wondering what someone looks like, so the opinion they have of you will be reflected by what you call you. What will your legend be, what name will you be remembered by?

The Farm:

This is where we start our adventure, however the farm is an adventure all to itself,. You can grow crops, raise farm animals, and sacrifice goats!Farming will provide you with powerful items to use in and out of combat, as well as crafting ingredients. Your home on this farm contains all the crafting stations you need to make anything you can!

The Overworld Map

This is the world of Ole School waiting to be explored by our humble adventurer. As well as having static locations such as towns, forests, and ruins you can visit terrain tiles on the map can be explored to find hidden zones full of valuable resources and powerful enemies! The further away from the farm you venture the tougher and more varied the enemies you encounter will become

The Ole School

The Academy of hero's, a place where novice adventures can learn from the best and brightest the school has to offer. Enrollment by recomendation only

Strange Town

To the west of the starting farm is Strange Town. Its residents may need help solving various problems. Players can build structures here to live in or to sell. Selling a building will bring a new villager to town who will have items to trade, these towns folk will pay above average prices for some items. Better houses attract wealthier townspeople.

Pallet Town

A humble village to the west of our farm, they've been having problems lately in their otherwise peaceful hamlet

The Forest Clearing

A small clearing in the forest to the west of our farm,  typical woodland creatures and resources spawn in this zone as well as a few stronger enemies.

Strange South Woods

A densely forested area to the south of Strange Town,  strange creatures and plants inhabit this area.

The Haunted Woods

A swamp land area near an ancient burial grounds, dangerous monsters roam this area searching for victims to drag into the caverns below.


Following the road north east from strange town will bring you to the capital city.  Castletown is a rich urban and trade center with all the rodent problems that go with it

There are many many other areas on the map to explore, with more being added all the time! These are just

lol oooops

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Hello! Made this fun little game over the last week as a break from my main project! This is my first game release so feel free to be brutal!

Survive the mean streets as you attempt to panhandle your way out of homelessness.

People will try there best to ignore you but keep at it, you need money to stay alive!

Keep fed and keep happy, no one wants to donate to a sad panhandler

Put on a shirt, get a cup and a sign and do things the profesional way

Dont Let the cops catch you! Panhandling is Illegal and they will confiscate all your earnings!

Collect 200 dollars for rent or survive long enough to get a bed at the shelter. Good Luck!

The most realistic panhandling experience next to crowd funding. Trust me ive lived it.!

Free to play browser game, works on mobile kind of, patch for mobile coming soon!