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Hi, just noticed this game from youtubers over the world. :D

My opinion is that it's a great game. The idea to use real voices is amazing. Although it doesn't possess a lot of challenge for experienced singer. Is there any more challenging 'singing' game out there? Or in development, or at least any info?

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Thanks for the comment and video! :)

Yes, some room is too easy that you don't need to move, that's intentional as with two reasons : RPG Maker wasn't really made to make games like this basically... ~ and I wasn't experienced enough when I made the game. *note that this game was made nearly 3 years ago. other than that, maybe you can have the easy stages as reason just to relax with the game. *edit: nearly 2 years ago

Well anyway, don't forget to press Esc or X for menus and Shift to dash. (it makes the game easier) :D

I hope you also visit my other game eventually. :) Thanks before.

I'm still sad no one is willing to pay for my game yet. :'(

Either I'm not good at advertising or it's not too appealing. ~,~

Wow, thanks for the long review. :D

Well, the spikes are usually there to instant kill, for most platformers, but I made it fixed to 100 and the maximum health on late game will be 300, so it's the one I shouldn't make easier imo, since I already took it in my mind that the player will have 3 max chances to get hit by spikes. :p

And... for the Wall Jump, I think I will make it a bit easier to wall jump next time. :)

Anyway, thanks again for always reacting to my game releases here and ~there in the yoyogames forums, Torball. ^,^

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The first decent game I've been making over 8 months as a newbie indie developer. Starting off in indie game development business, actually selling my game, I'm giving a whole month of 75% discount. Help me shape the game even more if you are interested. :) Thanks!

Ring of Despair is a 2D action-platformer game where you play as a little girl named Christy, who lost her parents when she was young due to a demonic attack. Her mother's head was taken as a part of a certain demon's "beautiful adult woman head" collection, as well as her own head when she reach 18 years old, in the case that she is not strong enough to kill the demon yet.

Due to a fortunate incident, she found a mystical ring that was apparently, inheritance of a certain angel's soul. The soul of the ring promises her to help the demon-slaying mission.

Oh nice~ :) Anyway, thanks for the great game. Gonna buy as soon as I have spare money. :D

What is not available in these free versions compared to the Steam version?

It's not about like or dislike. It's a fk'ing advertisement out of nowhere that is bad for health

Will there jobs like Game Developer, Youtuber, or Gamer? lol.

I'm itching to see people creating online connection to play with in this game. No one is playing it online yet as far as I can see just now and yesterday. :(

Madguy, you are so mad to the point I like your game. xD