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Very fun entry! Would be awesome to see a more flushed out version of this little RTS 😀

Great mechanic and atmosphere! Would love to see more,  would be a great mobile experience!

This was a very clever and adorable game. Considering the time constraints, this was a 5 star experience. More levels and depth with some music would make this a definite buy on the app store. Great job guys!

Lots of fun! Couldn't get to your high score but it was sure addicting trying to keep the multiplier up. Definitely would be a great addition to the mobile game library. Well done.

Congrats! Love the music and colors of your mini-game! Great job!

So I tried it, and this is why play-testers are so helpful. I would have never though to press down on the keys at the exact same time. Very interesting! 

Nice! I saw a play tester break 20k surprisingly! It'll be nice to incorporate a high score feature. I'll have to try that. The code is essentially telling the game that the ship is moving a certain frames per second, so I figured pushing two opposite directions would either stop the ship or do nothing different. Thanks for play-testing Gameguy!

Haha nice, thank you!

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