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Haha glad you liked the visuals, I guess it'd be nice to have a more tense music that plays atleast when your core is exposed or something ^^

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for playing, and for the feedback!

Also, although there are no "towers" per say... you can totally call it a tower defense!! :D

Loved the music and the concept!!

I think bouncing the ball fast as hell across the screen by moving it franticly is very fun, I'd love this as a one-shot game once in a while :)

Great work!

I got a highscore of 55200! maybe that's not quite enough to get to some sort of other area or encounter new ennemies , regardless I had fun

(controller support would also be huuuge :D)

Good concept, some sound bugs on level end made the experience a bit rough unfortunately ^^'

(the "voiceline appearing" sound kept playing ver fast)

Other than that, idk if i did it right but i just spammed punches from behind every enemy, i get that the aim is to feel fast paced kind of like hotline miami, i'm guessing you couldn't do guns in sucha  short time !

Killing an aggroed enemy feels incredibely difficult without a weapon, maybe give the player some kind of way to do that ? 

Other than that, the game feels pretty good to play with a kb and mouse, and i'd really like to see a version that explores the concept a bit more, keep it up!

Thanks for the feedback!

yeah that would be for the best to include a more in depth tutorial for a post jam version, currently we only have popups that explain  what each brick does when you hover them in the shop or on the field ^^'

thanks for playing :)

Nice game! 

I wish there was a bit more going on with the different asteroid effects and the player, like give him powerups once ina  while or something to make it a bit more interesting :D

Good short game, keep it up :)

I absolutely love the presentation and concept, building your little brick castle to defend the crown feels fun.

The special effects from certain bricks really help keep things fresh, trying to get points etc :)

Ah yes my favorite thing, committing arson for good!

Love the strategy aspect of trying to not burn yourself :) very pleasant to play and figure out!

That means a lot!

I'm very glad you enjoyed it :) (now omw to play your game hehe)

Love the presentation, the music and the visuals just go so well together to create that cute, cozy atmosphere of just playing with your virtual pet without a care in the world :)

I seem to often die of stress so only saw one ending ^^'

I think the game's great as a cute little one-shot experience, great work!

I'm frankly elated that you found these points in particular positive!

That's exactly what we wanted to push, I agree, our artist really knocked it out of the park with such a short time limit :D

Thanks for playing! (also your entry rocks i love it <3)

Cool little balancing act between trying to grow the virus' potency and keep infected people alive!

I couldn't reach the hospital though i got quite far until my last host died, would love to see this idea expanded upon, maybe with some kind of other perks to give your virus (like infection range, maybe modifiers transmitted to infected humans...), but for now, good work!

I rushed to break my own bricks at first haha!

I think the concept is a super cool mashup of pong and breakout, though it gets a little tedious to hit the opponent when they have only a few bricks left, i thought the gale was fun!

Thanks for the feedback!

The name for your game was actually one of our name ideas as well :D I'll give it a try right now !

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Fun concept, love the idea that you would be "losing" a classic pinball game by going down like that.

Unfortunately i was unable to go past the second screen as the ball bounces back on the first bumper and into the death wall as soon as I enter, ending the run ^^'

I think the presentation is great, the minimalistic art with clearly marked "bump" zones makes it snappy to figure out where you should or shouldn't aim.

The movement itself could use a bit of extra polish, at least for me it's quite hard to keep track of when and where i should be, expecially when the death wall follows the player that fast!

Keep up the good work!

Love the concept of "editing" the level to help the car reach the end! 

I found myself struggling to find the right piece when i needed it though, maybe a "slow down time" button would help? or some sort of way to keep an item in a "pocket" to use it in a future situation, like in tetris!

Found a small bug as well, if you pause before the starting countdown ends you can start while the countdown is still going.

Really wish there were more levels too, this could really go crazy with some sort of high speed loopty-loop car parkour :D

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Love the concept of positionning yourself behind ennemies just like in a real jet battle!

The ship designs are funky, I don't know if i encoutered all of the enemies since i didn't get very far, but I especially like the big crab looking guy that has a twin shot :D

Too bad there is no enemy (that i know of) that attacks you from the top of the screen, they become pretty much harmlessif they don't catch one of the position swapping powerups, I was expecting to see some of them lay mines or something ^^

Oh and some sort of indicator of when the player can dodge again would be a massive QOL improvement, as well as a way to clear bullets maybe ? (I don't know how bullet-hell-ish you want to make it though so it might be fine without it).

Love the concept, I can definetly see a very fun game in there, keep up the good work!

The definetly are a lot of balancing tweaks to do to make this a full game, and some bricks are straight up OP because they create a feedback loop or just have a very strong effect. A Speed dial is something we considered to give the player time to setup defenses or fest forward when they want, didn't make it in unfortunately... ^^'

Glad you like the concept and the brick variety, thanks for the feedback!

Glad you liked the game! Yeah the bricks that alter the balls trajectory were one of our main ideas, nice to see they are appreciated :)

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it looks, feels and plays awesome !the graphic style is the definition of cool.... AND couch coop?! sign me in!

litteraly the best demo i have played yet, and the changes in the dialogs and cutscenes are nice enough to keep me playing it over and over :D

i was expecting something special to happen when i perfected the whole thing but hey :P

you made an awesome game my dudes, keep it up and good luck in future developement!  

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no problem, i can wait for the new version of youtr game if it comes out soon :) Thank you for your explanation ;)

(and yeah i'm running the latest version of JRE8: u161)

thanks for replying so quick, i look forward to playing your game !! :D 

hey my dudes! i really don't know if you are still looking at the feedback since the last one is almost a year old :D

 your game seems great, but i can't play it, for some reason when i try to open it a message appears and tells me i need java, i have it though i don't know what the problem is :/ would be great if you guys could tell me wich settings to change or what to do :) 

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i love your game :)

but everytime i try to play with a controller the controls are weird, why not just use the right stick for aiming ? (it uses the left trigger ....)

so please make it more controller friendly, but besides that it's a great game! :D