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Adam Freeman

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Hi, I'm sorry that I am late seeing this notification.
Are you adding content/creators after release because I would like to join.
If not please consider me for future charity bundles.
I hope you reach your goal!

I'm glad to say that I have just uploaded an update to Diver (v2.0) which fixes stability issues, most notably: shooting electric eels will no longer cause a crash to desktop. Thanks so much for encouraging me to finally finding a fix for this. :)


omg I missed you buddy, you know I couldn't of done this without you!

I am sorry to hear that, could it be your antivirus software? Please provide more detail and I might be able to help.

Please consider my above game to be included in The Racial Justice and Equality bundle.

Best regards,


Wow, I am so sorry, I don't know how I missed your comment for so long...

The game is for Windows only at the moment as I don't own a linux machine to test it on, plus I don't know much about linux to be confident as to its stability.

Sorry for my ignorance and again for not noticing your comment.

best regards,


That was the plan! Originally I made three games with the idea of expanding on one of them.

RunOver was my first, Hazard was my second and Diver was my third.

Then I started a fourth one...   And I have tried out a few concepts but nothing has really stuck.

I am starting to think that remaking Hazard or even just moving onto Hazard 2 would be the way to go...

Thank you for playing my game and taking the time to comment. I really appreciate it.



(Also, apologies for the late reply, I went away for a month - which is totally no excuse)

I go away for a month and what happens? 

Not one but two comments! Awesome!

Unfortunately I would love to say that it was something on my side (I have a guilty conscience, like to take the blame)

but I have had other payments through. Not exactly at the same time as you though, so could be was having an issue with my account.

Anyway, I have had payments since, so if you wouldn't mind trying again that would be great!

Alternatively, you can make direct payments through paypal using

Either way,  thank you so much for playing my game and taking the time to comment.



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Update notes :

16.06.15 - - Fixed a minor bug.

17.09.15 - - Fixed minor air supply bug.

18.09.15 - - Fixed a major crash on startup bug.

18.09,15 - - Fixed the only desktop resolution allowed bug.

18.09.15 - - Fixed grey screen bug on med & low settings.

19.09.15 - - Fixed some control issues.

21.09.15 - - Fixed a rare treasure bug.

21.09.15 - - Temp fix for mouse sensitivity settings not saving.

Will now save settings permanently after you exit introduction (2nd) map. Working on it.

21.09.15 - - Fixed mouse sensitivity settings saving bug. \o/

22.09.15 - - Fixed some minor in-game text errors.

22.09.15 - - Fixed traceline texture id & floating fishbone issues.

24.09.15 - - Fixed a reward not showing up.

27.09.15 - - Added scoreboard/objectives info & more help text.

30.09.15 - - Added (currently owned) air supply indicator onto

(TAB) scoreboard and also increased stamina on dry land, so you can run longer.

29.07.21 - Diver_v2.7z/exe/zip - Fixed stability issues, most notably: shooting an electric eel with your spear or harpoon gun won't cause a crash to desktop.