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A. C. Sherman

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Hey, it looks like I don't have access to your podcast through itch. Can you try giving me permissions or emailing your submission to Thanks! --Andrew

Hey! It looks like I don't have access to your episode. Can you check your settings and see if there's something you need to set? Thanks! --Andrew

That's between you and your partner, but it might be easier for the person who does the final edit to submit to prevent playing hot potato with your fresh new mp3? But either way I think it matters.

If I set it up correctly there should be a field you can put your episode description into when you submit the file

We'll use it to sort and contact everyone!! So it's very important. Look forward to your pairings soon!

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU FILL OUT THIS CONTACT SHEET!!! It's how we're going to make sure we can get you into contact with the person you're teamed up with for the jam!

Buddy it's not even images. I don't even think there's a cover image.

This is just a 1-word RPG made for the Fucked Up Guy Jam. I'm not sure what else you're looking for.

It's about guys being looked at by other fucked up guys

I'd like to submit Pizza Heroes!