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Yeah, layers are weird. When using a camera you should see what layer the camera is targeting. This is why that layer has the camera, and no other layers do. You can use this to your advantage by making a new layer and setting all of your UI stuff to that layer.

However, I think you are right, someone should start making GDevelop tutorials soon and maybe it will be me. We’ll see.

I think that the enemies are fairly easy, but the thing that really gets me is the spikes. I am good at aiming so the enemies aren’t a problem for me, but I feel the dash can be a little bit unpredictable.

Are you setting something on the UI layer to follow the player? If so, that would be your problem.


Oh, sick! I’ll check it out!


That’s Crazy though.

I started working on this game before I started following will you snail; didn’t even know!

Well, I went out of town. In fact, I am still out of town. So no update for a little while. Hold tight, I’ll be back soon to announce the winner and give them the winner role on the discord.


(vote up if you have read this)


Love it!

Yeah, It’s fine, It’s just recommended that you have one

You can do whatever you interpret the theme as. So yes, one could argue that sentient AI is living.

Yeah, that’s ok! As long as you make most of the game in the jam!

Good Luck!


ACORN JAM #1 community · Created a new topic Hype Meter

Upvote the post if you’re hyped!

Thanks for the feedback! Porting the game to a newer version of the engine that I used! (It will make the text a ton more readable)

A pretty crappy game! 😉

Would totally buy on steam if it was expanded upon!

Great aesthetic, love the art!

Good to know!


cool 😎

Yoo, how’s it goin?

I should put a secret down there for the post-jam version, unintentional, but good on you for finding that!


Great idea for the post-jam version!

Thanks so much!

Planning to release a post-jam patch with more levels and bugfixes, as well as accessibility settings.

Great game, really enjoyed the time I had with it!

Great game!

Alternate Title: Programmer Sim

I might make another level when the jam is done, as a post jam version, thanks for the feedback!

Yeah, due to time constraints and the portals implementation I couldn’t fix that but its not a soft lock and doesn’t interrupt the game play so I left it in for the jam version. Going to fix it on a full release.

Thank you!

Thanks for the feedback!

Cool simple puzzle game!

addictive little arcade game!

Nice precision platformer!

Just finished my game yesterday, go check it out!

Space Time Looper