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Hey please upload your build!

Disqualified from Jam rankings for reason: Not Made Within Time Frame (Presented by ORYX)

Is this what insanity feels like?

You get a special role on the discord. Maybe eventually I can get a cash prize together, but the role will be all for this time.

(The real prize is the experience 😉)

🌟 Acorn Jam 5: Seasonal Game Jam Alert! 🌟

Hello fellow game enthusiasts! 🎮

We’re thrilled to announce the fifth seasonal Acorn Jam is now live! Dive into this exciting game jam experience, where creativity knows no bounds! 🚀

🎉 Theme and Twist Await Your Imagination 🎉 Share your innovative ideas for themes and twists with us: Submit Here

📜 Jam Rules 📜

  • Games should primarily be developed during the jam.
  • Post-jam updates for bug fixes and additional features are allowed, but no drastic changes!
  • Strictly no NSFW content (like excessive gore).
  • Fair play: No vote manipulation.
  • Utilize only rightful assets! (Even AI art needs to have the data ownership - see FAQ)

🌐 Basic Game Requirements 🌐

  • Incorporate the jam’s theme and twist.
  • Browser-playable games are preferable.
  • Game development can be solo or team-based.
  • Game can be in any language, but English is encouraged.

🔗 FAQ Highlights 🔗

  • Submit to multiple jams? Yes, but review individual jam rules.
  • Start game development early? Brainstorming allowed, actual development starts with jam.
  • Solo or team? Your choice, just ensure proper credits and permissions.
  • AI-generated assets? Text and code are okay, for art or audio, provide data rights.
  • Theme flexibility? We encourage creativity in theme interpretation.
  • Platforms? Use any, but an HTML build for browser play is recommended.
  • Game updates post-deadline? Yes, continue polishing after submission.
  • Winners? Community voting via page.
  • Late entries? Allowed, but judged within total timeframe.
  • Violation consequences? Possible disqualification, but we aim for communication and rectification.
  • Stay Updated! Join our Discord or follow Acorn Studios for future Jam alerts!

🔗 Join Our Discord for Updates, Discussions, and a Shot at the “WINNER” Role! 🔗 Join Here!

Let the games begin! 🎉🎮🌟

Fun, but the bullets disappear after firing like 5 and I don’t know why.

My PB is 170

Do I smell a BOI remake 🤨

Tricky, but also very good levels! Great job!

A 1v1 mode would be awesome! (def worth more than $1.20, I paid $5 for it)


Yay it’s free now!

Love it! 💖

PLEASE Make this an EXE or Play in Browser game!

Fun! Love the art and the controls are fun when you get used to them.

That’s ok, I just don’t like it forcing me to download opera tho.


What do you have in mind?

Any misc thoughts about the theme or twist you would like to share? Post them here!

The game freezes whenever I touch the ground, I can barely even play it. Even after closing the tab, the music continues for a bit and it has some pretty bad performance for a browser game. I just wish I could play this, it looks so cool!

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I like it but some of the stuff does not work and it is really weird when you go into the alternate dimension as down is jump (as it is flipped) but the left and right keys feel unnecessarily flipped and it is really confusing for me. Also I sometimes go way to fast and just skip the entirety of the underside map and wind up flying to the far right of the map and becoming stuck. Other than that I like the game, but it could use some sound.

(Also check out my game 😀)

Yeah basically my experience



Yeah that’s what I was going for, thanks for playing it 👍

Wow you just had to use a G Develop starter project and make it even worse. Doesn’t even fit the theme like why even join the jam?

Wow, thanks! Means a lot 💖

Wow! Such a fun and interesting concept! I love it except that collecting the orbs late game is really tricky and not that fun and the movement can be a bit weird sometimes. Besides that this game made me chuckle at just how absurd it is, great job!

I like it! It’s fun and works well with the theme.

I think you could have also made the paddle shrink without the need for a health system or the hearts could be controlled by the ball as well. I also found it a little to hard early game with the lasers and everything and I think you could have spiced the visuals up a bit more. Also I don’t think there was a real need for a main menu as it was just a start button, and the game doesn’t auto-start when you load up the page (for me at least).



Thanks! No, please don’t call the number as it is one I randomly came up with and idk if it is someone’s ACTUAL number. I may make an actual phone number linking to an ARG when I come back to the game after so maybe look out for that if the number ever changes or I update the game (follow me if you want to see that ig).

Thanks for the feedback, I will get to fixing those bugs!

(1 edit)

I’ll work on that in the post-jam version, but I am glad you enjoyed it overall.

Cool. Please add more commands.