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I was thinking a shorter one in August would be nice, (right in the mid of the summer holidays)

if you visit this link you should be able to submit.

I should be able to add this to the jam, let me see if I can work this out!

Not for this one no, I wanted to run a gentle jam, so a there’s a long deadline and no ranks.

yes! You can find it here:

I’ve added some optional prompts and diversifiers to the jam page for anyone who finds that kind of thing useful!

done! You’ll have a request from acg

There isn’t a set theme for this Jam outside of the form, but I am going to update the page with some modifiers for people who find that kind of thing useful as a prompt.

Can’t believe we’ve got 100 participants! So glad people seem up for this.

Making a big brew-haha of the launch feels weird for something intended to have a slow pace and run for a month but I’m excited for tomorrow none the less! 

If you’ve  got experience running them that would be amazing, just something temporary for the month of the jam and maybe a couple of weeks post?

I’m game for this part, particularly to UK addresses (since abroad is nearly £2 a pop)

no discord I’m afraid, just using the board option here for the time being, I’ll look into it though.

This is brilliant, thank you so much!

For anyone home printing, it’s worth noting that (using the UK post office as the basis) standard letter size goes up to 24cm x 16.5cm which is to say that’s how big a postcard you can make without needing to worry about putting anything other than basic postage on it. Most postcards are smaller than that, but for anyone who wants more room that’s how big you can go without anything become complicated in the sending process. (You’re advised to check your own postal services if you live elsewhere of course).

Say hello, ask questions, that kind of thing.

Great, thank you :D

Beautiful game wonderfully executed.

Is it possible to save the game at all? (I could just be missing something)

Thanks very much! glad you found them :)

*Golf clap* :D

This is a brilliant Tracery/Bitsy mashup, very interested to know how you achieved this!

Wonderfully accomplished pixel art.

Fantastic first effort (love your monster).

Really nice,  great pixel animation and love the way you've structured the narrative.

I think I understand, because it is something I have done a few times for games I've been making, albeit the hard way by making them in a image editor. Basically it would be an easy way to just make a two frame gif that captures all the animation in a given room, so you don't have to make an unnecessarily large gif (that may not loop correctly) for something very basic.

Thanks for adding the gif creator! Very handy.

If some of the user friendliness has to be sacrificed to make some of these elements work, can I suggest giving Bitsy two different modes? Essentially a "basic" and "advanced" mode, having a few more tools to play around with would be great, but splitting them up in this kind of way would just mean new users wouldn't get overwhelmed by the number or complexity of the tools. 

It wouldn't change the number of frames but something that would be nice in regards to the animation is if the avatar could be set to only animate when it moved. Basically, having it switch between frame 1 and 2 each time it is moved into a new square on the grid. This would make it possible to add walking animations without the avatar constantly walking on the spot whenever the player stops.

Both ways of animating have different advantages of course, so having a selection box (say "looping", and "walking") on the avatar tool so users can select which type of animation they want to use would be neat.

Minor display issue with v.3,  Bitsy doesn't quite  fit in the Itch viewport (I'm using Chrome so it should be fine) which makes using it a little awkward without going into full screen mode. For example, right now in order to scroll left and reach more tools, you first need to scroll down on a second set of scroll bars on the outside of the viewport in order to find the sideways scrollbar inside the viewport.

(unsure if this is an issue with Bitsy or Itch, since I don't recall the previous version being within a viewport at all)

Ok, just finished a sizeable project so I've come up with a small list of things that would be handy or nice (and one possible bug).


Just another tweak to the tile tool layout, aside from being a grid it'd also be really useful if you could rearrange them, so you could group together say, single use tiles or multi use textures just to make searching easier in a big project.


Being able to have more than one avatar design, maybe linking different ones to different rooms as is currently the case with colour palettes? This would be great for creating games with more than one character or more than one mode (eg, flying a plane across a map, and then walking around different locations on the ground).


A sprite being able to have more than one piece of dialog, either so a player can return to a sprite and read something different, or just to break up very long pieces of text (I've had trouble in a couple of Bitsy games where I have accidentally touched a sprite for a second time and gotten stuck scrolling through a lot of text I've already read).

Possible bug:

If you hit "Enter" when using the dialog box it'll put a new paragraph in, but everything you write afterwards will be deleted once you play test it. I understand if it's not possible to put new paragraphs in, but it'd be better if this just didn't register than deleting your writing, it's very easy to hit that button out of habit.

(1 edit)

If it's doable, it would be really helpful if the tiles you'd created could be displayed in a grid format rather than a row, as it can be difficult to search through them if you have a large number.

(Oh and possibly a way to "toggle" the placement of endings or exits, so you can put multiples of the same one in a room without having to scroll up and so down to select it each time)