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Glad to hear that you enjoyed it.

A small note regarding the screenshots. Sadly, itch hides the images when I set the game page as an HTML5 game page. They do exist, but they only appear when hovering the mouse in the game's entry when navigating through itch. I'll see what I can do.

Really odd. I'm suspecting an issue with the plugin you are using not loading the videos correctly. I'll see what I can do. 

Are the video files in the destination folder? Type this in the File Explorer's navigation bar: %ProgramData\<Dev Name>\<GameName>

Yeah... Turns out that it's a screw-up on the Packer's side. It placed either the package.json or the index.html file being put outside of the destination folder. Gonna push another hotfix soon.

Again, thanks for the feedback.

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Caught what caused the bug. It's due to the packer not reading the package.json right. I have it fixed on my side and I'll push a hotfix soon.

Thank you for the feedback.

It works with any engine.

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Yeah. xD

They must be in tip top shape, after all.

It's certainly a pretty interesting survival game with very cool puzzles. Admittedly, once I got the broken sword, I was able to plow through them as if they were cardboard. Not bad.

Very odd. I use the same particle emitter on my main game and it didn't break before. Pushed a hotfix for it now.

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Huh... It's rather odd that it doesn't move you as soon as you approach the ladder. I can activate the transfer event fine. I'll re-work the detection a bit and push out a fix ASAP (alongside adding some text for the items that don't have it).
EDIT: Fixed now. Included some improvements as well.

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Weird. I'll push a hotfix for it ASAP.

EDIT: Pushed a hotfix so it doesn't require WebGL. It should work now.

Yup. xD

Hey, PikaMew. Thank you for playing the game.

-The crash you mention is a tad complicated, but to keep it simple, the game was supposed to save on the "Saved Games" folder on the user's folder. But the plugin I used was looking for that folder on the same drive that the game was, the user folder was on the same one as the OS. Sadly, I caught the bug too late and I fixed it a few days ago. Ack!

-The game being too short and easy is mostly me essentially making sure that the game was beatable within the limit. This, regrettably, resulted in a few issues. I've overestimated how much the story would take + some battles so the player was at a reasonable level. I did some wrong assumptions in the progress (along cutting some scenes as well). Should have handled it better.

-Now, I'm not sure why Poison Fang somehow adds and removes the Sickened state, but it could be due to a conflict somewhere. Can't say for sure, but I think I have an idea of what's causing it.

I think that's all of my comments. Thank you for your feedback.

I wanted to love this game, mainly for being a shoot-em-up, but... The game's so janky that after a few minutes I just quit. It's a creative use of the ABS but the game's pretty much a game with ABS. Enemies jump from their position after taking damage, I can't pick items, hit detection is wonky and the timer's... what's the point? It makes sense in the cut-scenes but... what's the point of the timer in game?

*sigh* I wish I could say some positives but aside from he premise there are too many issues with the game I wouldn't recommend it until it's overhauled.

It's a short and sweet puzzle game, with an interesting premise. I liked the setup of the game play. And the puzzle was quite interesting. It was quite short, but that's a nitpick.

OK. That's one of my favourite games in this jam. It's impressive how the mechanics were woven into building out the game. Not only the puzzles were great, the final boss had a bit of a "aha" factor as well. Ya get an A+ from me.

10 outta 10. Will walk into the woods again.

I'd put something serious here but... well... the game's a meme at this point. So... will she make a sequel?

Waz zis? Arcade RPG?

Putting the (metaphorical) serious hat on, this is pretty fun. Short but sweet. Easy to understand but hard to master. The story's cliche but the game play makes up for it. Good job, mate.

Hmm... I have mixed feelings about the project. On the one hand, the runes system is a pretty decent idea. And the story's premise is a bit intriguing. On the other, the game is so... bare bones. The maps are quite lifeless. The look more of a... shall we say, passages rather than something that could be in a tower. The game's pace is way, way too fast. Cut-scenes end abruptly, the introduction of the other teammates is too short and the end boss is like "hey, I can't let you leave until somebody takes my position".

I wish I could say more positive stuff, but in all honesty, that game needed more time in the metaphorical oven. If it's your first game, it's OK. Everyone's first project is flawed. If the story was properly paced, the characters were fleshed out and the battles were more interesting, it would be at least a decent game.

It's a simple game with an interesting mechanic. The madness mechanic is pretty interesting but it's a bit underutilised. The boss was a bit easy to defeat its gimmick since there only one thing that can pretty much defeat him. I'd like to see it better realised.

Well... it's an interesting game. But it left me wanting more (in a good way). There are some things that hold it back:

  • The mystery was a bit intriguing, but it's resolved way too fast. Granted, there is a time limit in the jam, but I wish the story was better fleshed out. I can see the potential on it, however.
  • The battles were too easy. Once you are properly equipped (and have enough items) you can pretty much send the enemies to the shadow realm without much sweat. I've pretty much speed run the game. Better balancing would be a good idea. Maybe introduce a few wrinkles to the enemies. Beef them up a bit.
  • Maps were... serviceable. I can't say how you can improve them, sadly (I suck at mapping :/ ). The last map would benefit for a bit more complexity.

All in all, the game has potential. Some work needs to be done so it's a polished entry into the full game. Looking forward to your full release.

OK. I gotta say: The game's visually impressive.  I like the lighting quite a lot. The writing errors did took away from the experience but I was able to follow along. The weakest point was the game play however. It's quite repetitive. Mostly due to two things: Tim's job is quite lacking (way too easy and possibly left more to RNG) and the sniping section. The sniping section suffers from wonky hit detection making it quite difficult to move around. And yet, by simply dashing to the exit made it a breeze. I wish that was fleshed out better.

All in all, a decent, albeit flawed game.

It's a pretty fun game. I don't have a lot to say other than that I'm pretty impressed with how the game was made. Good job, mate.

Hello, yamihoon!

Since at the moment, I am working on getting the MV version of the game (which is in the Public Beta) promoted to Stable, the Public Beta is the most current release, but there are some things to work on it (some artwork needs an update, polishing up the battle system, etc.). The stable version (named Game Package) is the most stable, but you can't carry over the game saves once the MV version becomes the stable version.

So... this is up to you, mainly. If you don't mind some rough edges, you can download the beta. If you want a less buggy build (but you'll have to start over once the MV version is promoted to stable), download the stable version.

Due to a recent change in the engine, the game will not only ignore the existance of your saves (since the code looks on a different folder) but also breaks the game. Here's how to transfer your saves:

  1. Download and unpack the new version. Make sure you've installed Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2 first.
  2. Download and run the Save Transfer tool. Click on the Transfer button.
  3. Run the game from the launcher.
  4. Load your save.
  5. Exit from Maria's house. Head south and talk to the guy behind a rock. Follow the instuctions.
  6. Save the game.
Repeat steps 4 through 6 for any other save you need. Also, check the character's equipment, since a recent change in the Database unequiped the characters.
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Post them here.

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Version D0.20 Update 1 (0.20.1-20170314)


-Added the entire first part of the story.

-Added two guild missions.

-Updated graphics.

-Added new BGM.

-Improved the battle system UI.

-Minor performance improvement during battles.


-Added a journal system.


-Refactored code.

-Transferred part of the logic to a common library file.

-Improved reliability and the Greek translation.


-Translated the Readme file to Greek.

Version D0.10 (0.10.2015.1220)

-Initial Version (