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Incredible, well done ! Deserving winner

Technically excellent and great art. Could be made more excellent with better dialogue.

Hello, could a filter feature be added to the text search bar at the top of the site?

It would be so helpful !

quite amusing

This is awesome

Wow, this is super awesome. Congratulations on the great game dude!

Wow, well done with this!

Awesome, well done!

Really cool!

I'm using windows 10, firefox. My internet speed is pretty good.

Its cool that you managed to build this with unreal engine!

Unfortunately I wasn't able to use turbo run to land on the next planet. I was stuck on the first one the whole time.

EXIT community · Created a new topic Nicely done

Simple, well done

Hmm, the game isn't working in browser for me unfortunately :/

Awesome concept, really well executed! This is great! Best game of the jam so far of the ones i've checked out. Awesome job Matt.

The controls are a little bit wonky, and the music stopped playing after a while; but good job!

Nice lighting effects

Cool concept! I really liked the selection of sound design and music for this one

Game is stuck on instruction screen

A bit confusing, but good try

The unity webgl loading bar is stuck :/

I installed the game but it just gets stuck on a loading screen :/

I tested it. It doesnt crash when walking to the left, but it crashes with walking right, jumping and collecting the jewel.

The game crashes after just a few seconds of gameplay unfortunately :/

This was really cool! Awesome design, I really love the attention to detail with the 1bit aesthetic. Five stars!

Beautiful. Well done.

I thought this was cool, I liked the attention to detail in the controls!

This is super imaginative!

I really enjoyed this. Thank you Ben!

Stay creative :)

Cute! Super creative!