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lol ofc not, just for my project :]

hi there, am I allowed to alter the tilesets to create my own? AKA colour swapping and adding additions to your work. Love your sets, they look fantastic <3

This game was fun!!! Love from the UK

Thanks for playing! I agree with your thoughts, we didn't give much time to balancing the game, it's upgrades and it's cadence. Glad you enjoyed the gameplay loop!

Thanks for playing! :]

The game looks really beautiful!! The concept is interesting, reminds me of a more arcade-y version of games like backpack hero, I'm a sucker for tetris style inventory management. Gameplay felt a bit confusing, and at times I felt quite overwhelmed, but I suppose that's part of the fun. Great job :]

A fun idea, messed with my head a bit where I'd catch myself dodging bullets after a little while, I like the creativity!! The setting is quite dark though, I had trouble seeing the platforms and where exactly the play area was. Tutorial was nice to have. Good job! :)

these are so cute! Great work as always :]

Are these available for Commercial use? Love them :)