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This game is fantastic, no wonder so many streamers are playing it!
I feel like the main thing it needs is replay value.
Here are a few ideas I would suggest:
1: Different random opponents, perhaps give them personalities / stories that make you feel something when competing. Maybe they're a bad person and you want to kill them, maybe they're a good person who just needs the money badly, maybe they're lying.
2: The ability to gamble your money for a higher score.
3: The ability to buy items that can carry over to subsequent playthroughs, similar to the card game in Resident Evil 7. Keep your money & items each time, but once you die, you lose everything.

Just a few ideas. This game has SO much potential, please keep it up!

I like the look of this, would be nice to see it expanded with sound and more refined controls & gameplay. It's a good concept.

After seeing Markiplier play this, I gotta say I love the concept!
I feel like it could've used more sound effects in the environment, though.

Do you have something to show of the project so far?

It's cute, just a shame it was never finished. I feel like there was really potential for something great here.
As someone who was a big fan of "A Mall Near You" by Diesel Rave, I've been looking for something like this to scratch that itch.
Developer - If you're ever interested in making something like this in the future, or even just picking this project up again, I would love to do the 2D artwork for such a mall-themed game, and I'd be seriously interested in working with you.

Hi! I'm Rin, a UK-based artist & game dev who occasionally dabbles in voice acting. I've had the pleasure of voicing NPCs in a few Skyrim mods and a decently-sized indie game, and I'd love to be involved with some more projects.

I'm generally willing to perform smaller roles for free just to have some fun, but for larger projects, I do charge.

I specialize in villains / jerks / monstrous / demonic / crazy / silly / mechanical / creepy characters in many accents & dialects, but I'm versatile in what characters I'll do; I've played teenage delinquents, psychotic druggies, Argonian priests, drunk vigilants, loan sharks and Nordic warriors. My natural accent is generic London-British, and my voice is naturally deep, but I can imitate a variety of accents & voices, or make completely new ones based on the requirements. There is a limit to how high I can go without it sounding deliberately silly, though. I also have a rather dark / adult sense of humour, so don't worry about asking for anything a bit "messed up".

In the link below are a few samples of my accent range and previous works, just pasted from my Fiverr gig. (the Skyrim & Oblivion samples were recorded on my old mic - I now use a HyperX Quadcast with a pop screen, and can clean my own audio). 
Alternatively, you can check out my many auditions over at Casting Call Club
  However, I'd be glad to provide some sample / test reads in any voices you'd like me to try.

My Discord is: AbyzouDev Or you can contact me on Twitter: @AbyzouDev Please DM me first, to make sure I'm okay with the request!


Including but not limited to

  • English: Cockney, northern, west-country, upper-class, Westminster
  • Australian, Irish, Scottish, Welsh
  • American: Standard, southern, New England, "Valleyspeak "
  • French, Russian, German, Latino
  • Canadian
  • "Stereotypical Pirate"


In case any of these are close to what you're looking for.

  • [Saw] Jigsaw
  • Duke Nukem
  • Paul O'Grady
  • Randy Savage
  • [Disney] Goofy
  • Freddy Krueger
  • [Invader Zim] Eric
  • [Family Guy] Bruce
  • [Fable] Thag / Dash
  • [Scream] Ghostface
  • [SpongeBob] Patrick
  • [Team Fortress 2] Pyro
  • [Hololive] Shinri Josuiji
  • [Crash Bandicoot] N. Gin
  • [Harvey Birdman] Reducto
  • [Muppets] Kermit the Frog
  • David Firth (most of his voices)
  • [Warcraft] Human / Orc / Troll
  • [Resident Evil 5] Albert Wesker
  • [Sonic] Big the Cat (Jon St. John)
  • Captain Crunch (George J Adams)
  • [Ape Escape] Blue / Red (PAL region)
  • [Baldi's Basics] Baldi / The Principal
  • [Elder Scrolls] Argonians (Cyrodiilic)
  • [Street Fighter] M. Bison / Dhalsim (SF4)
  • [Mario] Wario / Waluigi (Charles Martinet)
  • [Metalocalypse] Nathan / Swkisgaar / Toki / Pickles
  • [FNaF] William / Mike / Freddy / Glamrock Freddy / Foxy / Daycare Attendant
  • [Courage the Cowardly Dog] Freaky Fred / Dr. Vindaloo / King Ramses / Spirit of the Harvest Moon / Hunchback
  • [Don't Hug Me I'm Scared] Yellow Guy / Duck Guy / Tony / Shrignold / Malcolm / Frog Boy / Unicorn / Tree / Colin / Steak Guy / File
  • Mr. Bean
  • Hulk Hogan
  • [Space Ghost] Zorak
  • [Skylanders] Eruptor
  • [Sesame Street] Elmo
  • [Fable] Reaver / Walter
  • [SpongeBob] Squidward
  • [Metalocalypse] William
  • [Gorillaz] Murdoc Niccals
  • [Family Guy] Stewie Griffin
  • [Halo] Sangheili / Grunts / Prophets
  • [Aqua Teen Hunger Force] Meatwad
  • [Mario] Mario / Luigi (Charles Martinet)
  • [Sonic] Vector the Crocodile (Mark Biagi)
  • [Crash Bandicoot] Neo Cortex / N. Brio (original)
  • [Don't Hug Me I'm Scared] Red Guy / Furry Boy / Space Guy
  • [Dragon Ball] Ginyu Force / Buu / Vegeta / Piccolo / Roshi / Hercule
  • [Team Fortress 2] Sniper, Saxton Hale, Heavy, Demoman, Spy, Scout, Engineer
  • [Metal Gear Rising] Raiden / Monsoon / Sundowner / Armstrong / Blade Wolf
Thanks for reading - Looking forward to hearing from you and working on your projects!


NOTE: Adults only! I will NOT work with minors, under ANY circumstances.

That was honestly a trip & a half. Really made me think about how it felt to leave my childhood home.
If I had to critique it, the collision on the platforming parts needs work as I fell through what should've been a safe landing multiple times. I also feel like the game could be expanded to cover a different room with distinctly different memories of sounds in each section, moving through the whole house to really say goodbye to everything.

That was so cute! Did exactly what it needed to, no more, no less. I can see it being an actual memory game for the Game Boy.

Can't believe it's been like 5 years and I didn't know this game was on Itch too.

This game is so charming, from its style to its atmosphere to its simple but effective romantic-horror story. I love it.

I actually fixed up the English grammar for the devs before the game released - felt good to help out!

Anyone ever figure out what the key is for?

I thought I was onto something after I managed to clip back into Saul's at the end, just found the cutout facing the wall in a corner though. I think I might've found everything I can.

Couple of thoughts after this latest playthrough:

1) It feels a bit weird that the money counter still goes into negative if you ask for a dollar off the macaroni. When using the vending machine, sure, but there's no reason for it to go into that imaginary number in this scenario.

2) The old man's sprite changing after the coin falls out of his pocket, seems like it should only happen after he's done talking, for it to line up with the sound effect.

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So, this is honestly one of my favourite indie games. I love its atmosphere, the simple & unique gameplay, the character designs, BUT I found a few issues:

1) I would suggest not letting the player knock on a door until they're standing in a certain area. Otherwise, this happens if you knock from the side:

2: The impact of the bad endings when Hilary gets mad at you for coming home too much are kinda softened by the cursor staying on screen and making her look like she's got a little clown nose.

3: There's some sort of graphical issue if you view Laura's sprite when the light is behind her, it causes those weird lines on the edge of her sprite:

4: While I can't confirm the cause as I'm sure I knocked on the door from the right angle, the old woman's sprite had that same neck-stretching bug that happens if I click on the nonce's door from the side. All I can confirm is that I saved the old woman for last and never got sent home once (I was trying to see if there was another ending for being "a good boy".) The same thing happened with Markiplier's playthrough when he spoke to Hilary and the camera went off to one side. I had the same issue when playing the game "correctly" and speaking to her the same way.

5: Lastly, I'm not sure of the cause but whenever I try to restart the game and play again (using the Esc menu during normal gameplay), the game soft-locks at the TV screen.

Brilliant game though, easily one of my top indie horrors. Looking forward to seeing what else you guys make!

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I played through it again and found an Easter Egg on Christmas!

I also spotted a few bugs on my second run.

1) If you zoom in before interacting with someone / something, it gets stuck that way until you press the zoom again.
2) NPCs get stuck in their last expression when you say No Thanks, instead of returning to their default.
3) Using the zoom causes the inventory button to get stuck, as in it won't show the inventory. Getting any item un-sticks it though.
4) Clicking on the gnome and then clicking on the mall's entrance makes his sound effect play twice.

Also, I don't know if the animated spooky ghost GIF following the Saul's Employee in the dark corridor (assuming this is a PT reference, that she's possessed) was supposed to appear on its own and then change into her normal appearance, but when I walk backwards into the corridor, it just appears behind her "sleeping standing up" sprite. Which just looks kinda funny / silly. If that was intentional then I apologize.

If it's anything like AMNY, I'm looking forward to it! Good luck!

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I honestly loved this. It's short but sweet, a real comfy little game to kill a bit of time on. Between the quiet mall, the childlike perspective of the slightly-unsettling ambience, and the overall retro-3D aesthetic, it hits all the right nostalgia points.

I found a couple of bugs, like the zoom-in getting stuck when talking to someone, or characters not turning back to their idle pose when you exit a conversation, but my only real issue was "I wish the game were longer, like if it had just a few more stores or more ways to interact with the environment & people, perhaps some alternate endings."
I'll probably play this a few more times again in the future, seems like something I'd unwind on.

After almost 2 years of development, I decided I couldn't keep the game to myself any longer, and needed player feedback, so I decided to release it as an early-access alpha build.

Heartbreaker is a romantic-horror / psychological-thriller visual novel with yuri themes, inspired by retro Sega games and 1990s anime.
In it, you play as Tanta Aiko, a 20-year-old college student in the fictional town of Sanseto, Osaka, as she struggles to keep her love interest "Kouhai" safe from any other girl who gets in the way. All the while aided by a mysterious benefactor who provides tools & services in return for sordid information.
To this end, you select from multiple "Plots", schemes for eliminating your rival that each tell a different aspect of that rival's story.
Ultimately, I plan to produce 13 "Episodes" to tell the complete story, each with approximately 6 or 7 Plots.

This current build only contains one Plot in Episode 1, and many features are still placeholders.
I would be very grateful to receive feedback & suggestions on how to improve the game.

The game comes with a free demo where all nudity (and later violence / gore) is censored, and a paid uncensored version.
It is strictly for 18+ players only due to featuring dark, adult themes that some players may find extremely disturbing. Community » General » Release Announcements · Created a new topic .
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Got it on Steam but just came here to say I love this game.
From the art to the music to the writing, it's everything a good horror VN should be.
For the devs' first major release, they knocked it out of the park, and I look forward to what they make in the future.

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Sunday Never Comes is a short visual novel, where the last surviving civilian of a three-pronged apocalypse in Britain comes to terms with their fate through the five stages of grief. It's my first finished game, and I've decided to make it freely available.

The game features 3D-rendered backgrounds filtered with a pixelated aesthetic, an original lo-fi soundtrack by HorribleGuy, and ARG elements.

Warning: 18+ only. Contains discussions of adult themes that some may find extremely disturbing. Community » General » Release Announcements · Created a new topic .
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This is a really cute idea, I love the art style and the overall concept. It was a lot of fun to finish!
I feel like with some more polish, you could have a really great game on your hands!

Pretty damn cute!

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It's a really cute idea overall, and I love the character art on the banner!
Some suggestions I would make:

1. It might feel more frantic & stressful (which I believe was the intention) if the empty house were smaller and the guy just delivered objects faster.

2. I believe all of the objects (apart from the carpets) should be collision objects; It's strange to just be able to walk over lamps. Perhaps being able to set them on tables would be better.

3. To add to that Tetris-y feeling, maybe we should be able to rearrange things after we've put them in, letting the player figure out how best to arrange things.

4. Adding onto that, more variety in width / height / size for objects would help.

5. Perhaps objects of different sizes could even slow you down at different rates - Heavier objects, slower speed.

6. The protagonist's sprite could use some work; Her legs are so far apart that it looks like she has to pee when she's running.

7. I feel like it's strange how you can just stand where the guy drops the items off; Maybe there should be a designated space where he places items and you just can't walk there, like maybe he sets them down on a row of pallets, and it's game over if there isn't any more space.

8. Perhaps a random environment on each playthrough to keep the player guessing.

But again, really cute idea, I like this!

This is a really neat idea! Would love to see a longer version of it. I would suggest having more of a space around the sides of the screen; It's incredibly frustrating to get going once you're touching either edge.

I finally released my first game!

It's not the kind of project I originally planned to make, but I had a lot of encouragement from friends and I'm somewhat proud of how it turned out.
This is a short horror visual novel with a dark lo-fi aesthetic and original soundtrack, made in three weeks, about the last British civilian at the end of a three-pronged apocalypse, coming to terms with their impending doom via the five stages of grief.
My intention was to create a bleak, depressing story and practice ARG elements.

Currently it's only available on Windows; I may release Mac & Linux builds if I can figure out the right export settings.

This game contains dark, adult subjects and is not for anyone under 18.