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I would like to translate my Itch page into multiple languages.

Are there any support for language support? maybe having a url append with country codes or something and we as developers can enter in codes to translate things?

Imagine a world where I actually made this?

We've opted to use this format for now to communicate to people what the state of each project is.

I am glad Itch allows for fast updates .

Currently the small Download from platforms only show if you upload the file directly to but most Mobile Games are uploaded directly to the Google Play Store, Apple Appstore , etc.

It would be nice if we could show these icons directly on the creator page.

It would also be nice if we could add an icon overlay  but this one is minor, creators have a lot of freedom on Itch. But standardising it would  do a lot to help presentation.

I suck harder than a vampire. I love the jump animation, the twirl sells it!

its a pretty slick game, especially considering it was made within a week. The controls are a bit janky going left /right. Other than that, its a nice time sink. The music is nice . I do enjoy that when i fall off the map, the police car comes with me!

The Pistol hears your kind words and shall dig deeper!

The Pistol shall do his best to bring Pew Pew back into gaming!

I'm really loving the old school 80s feel.

I gave a follow and like. I dont need an artist this minute but I will lurk and if it comes up give a shout. Are you interested in 17+ art and working with an existing style by any chance?

Done, added to wishlist, waiting for more! 

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Helping the world with positive vibes. What do you guys think so far?