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Abhishek Kulkarni

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very good game,.. good potential..

Great stuff.. Loved the authentic retro feel of the game..

really nice game.. loved the idea

loved the game.. great retro vibe..

super addictive game. Loved playing it. It will test your reflexes. The galactic level design & VFX are superb..the walking animations,  water effects are something which are very satisfying.  amazing work by hyprblast..I recommend this game to everyone 

Nice .. loved it

hey thank you.. I am glad you liked the game and the little effect is ..Will add new tracks and vehicles to the game 

Gracias. Mejoraré los gráficos. Actualmente me esfuerzo más en el aspecto de Física.

Hey Thanks for trying the game. I am glad you found the game play interesting

Hey Thank you.. I am glad you liked the game play

Thanks... currently I am working with level design & more tracks.. can I contact you when I start adding music ? can you pls share your twitter profile to contact ?

Hey thanks a lot for trying the game.. I am soo glad you liked it & found it challenging .. 

The basic concept I used was the Waypoints system..where the AI car targets them in an ascending order.  It also calculates the angle between the next waypoint & AI car and turns accordingly also uses raycasts to avoid colliding with other AI cars..if it ramps on the wall it automatically takes a reverse & begins its journey... pls let me know if the summary helps..will be happy to go into any concept in detail... 

Haha.. thats really a fun way of playing.. I am glad you liked the game .. will build more cars & tracks... Thanks for trying the game.. :)

Nice graphics & good music.. loved the game & the concept

Thanks a lot Crazy Retro for the kind words. I am glad you enjoyed the game. 

Thanks a lot. I am really glad you liked the game ..really appreciate your support 

Hey thanks a lot.. currently I am building more tracks & cars ? are you into making music ?

hahah.. that's one way of winning it .. glad you liked the game .. I am still searching for music ..Will pit it soon ..Thanks 

This game is superb .. really enjoyed it

Cute game... liked playing it

thank you.. glad you enjoyed the game 

thank you soon much Miguel .. thanks for the idea.. I will keep adding newer abilities like oil, nitroboost etc and updating the game

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Hey thank you soo much ...I am glad you enjoyed the game...tried quite a lot to improve the AI cars

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I have started a new top down car racing project titled Tesla on Titan. The idea is to create a fun racing game with realistic car physics. Currently the main focus is on getting the physics right. Along side I am also making my own pixel art for the vehicles, Titan's environment etc. To test whether physics and everything else about a racing game is working or not, I have made one Test track where players can test the game. I will keep updating with more tracks, more vehicles. Pls let me know your views on how the game can be improved.

Thanks a lot Sebastian.. your encouraging words mean a lot

Haha ...yeah

Hey thank you.. I am glad you enjoyed the game.. it's a good suggestion you gave ,I will implement it ..

Thank you yeryomin .. I am glad you found the game fun to play :)

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This game is amazing.. nice work.. the graphics, animations all superb

Yes thanks.. i used some assets available.. so all credit to its creator...

Thank you .. I am glad you liked the game :)

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Bring your favorite Cowboys -Amigo, Blondie, Angel Eyes to life in a thrilling rougelike action packed adventure. With unique Western feel play two unique levels to defeat the final boss. Shoot your way to victory.

Hey Nicole.. Thanks a lot for the kind words.. I am really glad you liked the game.. Currently working on improving the car controller to make it more smoother. Would love some music alongwith it.. 

Nice Game... loved it.. 

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Fun game ..really enjoyed playing it is also very catchy 

Thank you for the inspiring words. It was one of my initial games. Thank you for playing

Thank you soo much. I am glad you liked the game ..cheers

I liked the game.. its really well made...

Controls are difficult...can you pls make them keyboard based ?..otherwise game looks fun