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I like these kinds of games, but I really didnt know what to do. nothing was clear to me.

so please if you manage to finish the whole thing, inform me. I would like to try it once more.

system wont let write a long post so here it is in form of three:

كما قال الجميع، الثيم جيد جداً وجميل، أقصد بالثيم أجواء اللعبة والموسيقى والرسوم.

لكن ما شعرت به كلاعب أن اللعبة الصغيرة أثرت سلبياً على التجربة، فهي لم تكن متقنة كلعبة بحد ذاتها ابتداءً فمثلاً أصبحت أضغط على المسافة كثيراً ولم يحدث شيء، حتى عندما تجتمع الكرات، هل الضغط باستمرار على المسافة يمنعك من الاستمرار، إن كان كذلك يجب أن يعرف اللاعب مالخطأ الذي يرتكبه

كنت مهتماً بالقصة وكانت اللعبة فقط تقطع التجربة، التجربة حزينة وفيها شعور بالوحدة والتفكير بأخطاء الماضي، وفجأة تقطع لتلعب لعبة عبيطة لا تشعر هناك أي ارتباط بين الاثنين.

لكن فكرة اللعبة مناسبة جداً (أقصد اللعبة الصغيرة التي بداخل لعبتكم وهي الكرات التي تقفز) لثيم المسابقة

وفكرة اللعبة الأساسية وهي الحديث عن أخطاء الماضي التي "أخطأت فيها بالتوقيت" مناسبة كذلك

لكن اجتماعهما معاً لم يعط أي فكرة منهما حقها. تذكرت مقولة لسيد مير يقول فيها

One Good Game Is Better Than Two Great Ones

the only thing I cant complement here is the cool cool arts, I love it, the sprite had adorable running cycle, the whole thing is just neat.

however, I wasnt able to get into the game because it was full of bugs. sometimes I cant jump twice, sometimes the character just blink forward and die, sometimes the sprite froze. the game also need much more juice like sound effects and collectables. you probably know all that but I am just here to give you feed back.

loved the tone of the game. the music and the graphics. I had problems with bugs, I got stuck. but mostly I think it needs better directing.

pictures should not be different in size, moving the shadows would be nice(its definitely a lot of work) so the game wont feel so static, and instead of using giant arrow buttons to move around and open doors, I think you should use a custom mouse, that change into an icon of opened door when you move the mouse over a door... etc.

but even with all these flows you almost creeped me out, good job.

and one last minor thing, when I replayed the game, ending music got mixed with game music, but weirdly it was good, it didnt ruin the experience !

good use of the theme. the game reminded me of Guacamelee that probably why I loved it :P.

the game was really fun and I think its a good idea for a fully developed game.

sounds and music fits perfectly.

I only wish there were check points, you need check points if its not an endless runner. I am glad its not, because I hate endless runners, or most endless games. but replaying the easy parts of the game is what made me stop playing.

are these randomly generated levels? thats kind of cool.

I know you are supposed to act on the right time. but I just charged my way in. I noticed that you could get stuck easily, I also wish there were some kind of ending or difficulty to the game. I found no challenge killing all the robots. the way it must be is to need the sneaking ability, which is an extra touch by the way, nice one, but it wasnt needed. I had too much ammo and I didn't need to care much about running out.

all in all this game looks my kind of games, but it just need some more game play to it.