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Sorry for the late Reply.

Thank you very much, I didn't know that setting the Rigidbody to kinematic would solve the problem (I'm just a hobby developer). And the intention was that you have to reach the middle of the door to pass the level and not only by touching the door. But I will consider it if I ever keep on developing this game. :)

Thanks! I hope you enjoyed it! :)

thank you! Yeah i know the font isn't as readable as I wanted it to be but other colors just didn't match the style and the overall feeling of the menu!

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Of course there is. You have to keep the ball juggling as long as possible. But yes i know what you mean, it was just a prototype I created in about one hour. :)

I maybe will develop it further but at the moment i want to create as many prototypes as possible so i can pick the best  concept and focus on it.

thank you! :)

good luck with your game! :)

I'm sorry for the many bugs but it was just a prototype i made for a game jam. It's not really well developed or polished but i hope you enjoyed it anyways. :)

It's just a prototyped Flappy Bird clone without score and sounds but it is fun anyways! :)

Check it out if you want to

nice to hear that! I hope you enjoyed it :)

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Hello! I'm really sorry.

I'm not the best at javascript but from what i understand it seems like a browser issue. Some of my friends testet and they all were able to play the game and i myself am able to play it too. And also some other people on itch. Maybe it's something with your browser and webgl?

Thank you very much! :)

thank you buddy!

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Hello together.

I have a question. I developed a game which i uploaded today. I don't want to sell the game because it is just a prototype and i think there are games out there that are worthier beeing paid for. Anyways i would like to let people have the oppurtinity to support me if they want to. The problem is that there is no "support this game" button under my game but under other games there allways is. Did i do somerhing wrong? I can't figure out how to add that button.. 

I'm sorry if there already have been questions like this but i couldn't find anything about this topic.

The game is:

Thanks in advance and have a nice day :)

Hello together :)

I developed a game in unity called "Gravity Box". The goal is to let the walls rotate via space key so the player can reach the door and win. It has only 5 levels so far but there are more to come! Hope you will like it :)

Heres the game:

Have a nice day.