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Thx for trying our game.

Unfortunately you didn't show our upgrade system based :(money allows to fortify the castle and upgrade the canon) or else the game sucks really without upgrades.

Anyway, I guess no time to read each games manual haha

I works properly on smartphone browser ! Thx!

Really nice! This is amazing !

I just expected collision with the elements on the border of the road, other than that it is a great entry

It is 80 megabytes when you décompresse thé zıp file

I didn't understand at the end, what happened to the girl?

I tested the game.

So after 21 fishes fished, you have the boss. But I didnt figure out what to do. I can't avoid, only press space bar to attack.

I do like the GAME! YAY

I apreciate the motion of the snake and how it becomes unstable with increase of length!

But seriously, 80 megabytes for this....

I tested the game....

Well seriously 80 megabytes ????

Good entry.

A simplistic game suitable for a Nokia.

But I didn't figure out how to fire a bomb with SHIFT. I tried it many time, but no bomb...

I tried the game and honestly I disliked it for many reasons :

  • kicking and punching animation sucks
  • same for the hitboxes
  • too many ennemies with big hitboxes moving around like crazy which leads to a dumb difficulty like in some games from the old time
  • Jumping style is not made for a game where you have obstacle to avoid really meticulously.
  • polyphony occurs if pause button pressed and released quickly (but I dont care much for this

But I apreciate the fact that you tried to make it feel like a Capcom game from the end 80's begining 90's through the musics!

Fun game even though you can add more gameplay elements such as UPGRADES!

Your game reminds me mine in some way!

The sound though does not sound Nokia...

Great entry! I played the game, and it is actually a great demo.

The concept can be pushed further with better graphics.

Really fun gameplay, the animations are really great!

The only downside point is that the background doesnt feel pixel perfect,  the pixels move weirdly. Same for the walls (Unity....).

I struggle with Serbian cyrilic, please dont write with Kazakh cyrilic I cant read lol

The game feels like a port of a movie on Nokia 3310. I appreciate the cinematic.

But the end though ... LMAO

Great port of flappy bird on Nokia 3310. 

But why the gravity is too strrong ?

Need to tap too much to go up quickly!

Great sprites, great gameplay, and great artwork (we apreciate the details in the boobs motion during bombing). 

Great submission

Hey you're from Qazaqistan !

Fut fut fut freestailo!

Thx for playing !

Acually, there is a strat and it is not to use the nuke in the beginning.

Hint : upgrade reloading time first.

But the game is meant to survive as much as you can, at the end you will be beaten.

Hi !
The concept is really nice, especially for a little phone game.

It somehow reminds me mine, the same spirit but yours is an RPG, mine is real time.

Great job overall.

We have here a great concept ! Typical gameplay suitable for mobile.